“I know that you have a background behind you.,Even knowing that you are just a piece of chess,But I have to tell you now.,Make a dog,I have to have a real understanding of the dog.!”

Qin Weijun’s body trembled dramatically。
Seeing the summer,The chairman can’t help but loudly,“Do you know what you are doing?,Don’t impulsive!”
“I won’t kill him.。”
Summer is like itself,Also as if it is saying to everyone,“I will make him born to death.。”
Voice is just,Lower the abdomen of the Qin http://www.wsenjie.cnZhenjun。
Like hammer drum。
Qin Weijun’s abdomen is intact,But the Dantian Qihai is suddenly broken.。
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At this moment。
Noba is a silent than the battlefield。
Quiet, you can hear heavy gasp and breathing,
Only Qin Weijun is like the mourning of the wild beast like it is so awkward.。
However, the rival of the military high-level,But it is secretly tone。
Human people have hungry。
But when they kill people,That can really make them very difficult。
Although the quota of death,But it will work without violating the rules of the game.。
They don’t know。
At this moment, Qin Yujun is broken in the sea.,It is more desperate than the painful people on the flesh.。
His proud bones,His confident,His will,His essence,And his ambition……At this moment, I was taken off.。
Mourning gradually stopping。
His pair is full of proudly,Emergence,Silk is annoyed,It has become desperate。
at last,The scorpion is bleak,Like lost soul,Gaze,Staying in the sky。
I used to be very negotiable.,Since then,Will sit in the wheelchair to spend the rest。
It can be said that all this is what he is looking.。
It is he repeatedly wants to humiliate summer.,Want to kill him,I want to achieve my ambition,http://www.sd-fy.cn The result is wrong,It is also completely a wasteman。
For him。
This is really good to die.。
Some military doctor quickly flew up,Be careful to carry Qin Yujun to the stretcher。
There are also dozens of full armed soldiers,Rush,Wrap the summer in the center,Tiger,Hitly。
Summer will not resist。