He stepped out again,Bone voices。
The legs of Silvester were stepped on.,Screaming in the dark。
“what——Stop!I’m……”He http://www.lanlongyaju.cnscreamed,hysteria,Stand up,A pair of eyes completely conveyed out。http://www.tj-alt.cn
However, in his field of view,I suddenly appeared a snow-lit knife,With a spun of amazing radians,Since his side,。
A 窜 花 花 落 空 空。
NS2769chapter Parties
Silvester is distorted by a leg.。
Another leg is standing。
And his face,Unbelievable expressions。
His neck,A narrow blood line。
He is under the use of a single arm,Can be followed,Like a fountain,Blood water exits out。
He loured his eyes,Deadly staring at the other killer……Snake knife in hand。
He knows the identity of each other。
Kill god,summer!Also understand,This is a circle of circles since the beginning.。
Or can also be said,A psychological game。
He lost。
So to pay the price of life!Silvester doesn’t want to die。
He didn’t even believe that he was dead.。
Such a wrist。
Such unknown。
He http://www.centuryjt.cn is a higher law enforcement.。
Have a lot of people who are unimaginable,Tall,Controlling the fate of others。
Such life,How can I disappear?。
In addition to not shooting,He almost has everything。
But now I have lost it.。
Silvester’s throat,issue‘Bamboo’Sound。
A large amount of blood,Running through the torn wound。
He is extremely difficult to raise the arm,Correspond to each other……Pray for the color in the eyes。
Killer face,Bone knot。
It has become another model。
Nature is summer!“I want to know who sells you.?”
The prayer of Silvester is even more。
“Sorry,I do not know either。”
Looking at him in summer,Faint,“So you still have a confused.。”