“Pity,It’s not the first round4personal!”

“Not bad!This should be the first defender in China with such a high pick?”
“Xu Xuan Niubi!”
“I don’t think it’s too early to praise,It’s easy!”
“New York this place is pretty good,High exposure,Easy to type!”
Many domestic fans mentioned New York,The first impression is that the owner of this team is rich!
It’s still the kind of stupid people with a lot!
“Now mother no longer has to worry about Xu Xuan’s useless money!”
This is the case for domestic fans,They both love and hate the national players or national religions who go out or play in international competitions.。
Although they doubt Xu Xuan’s strength,But this kind of joy and pride from the heart cannot be concealed。
Xu Xuan’s house。
“Ugh,Old Xu,Is this the higher the official position the more you appear later?Last time I saw the opening of the nearby pig farm,When cutting the ribbon,That big leader came out last。”
“Your Xiao Xuanzi is really promising!”
“This can make a lot of money, right?Really promising!”
They don’t understandNBAWhat exactly is this draft,But it does not prevent them from sending their blessings to the old Xu family。
Lin Yun’s home。
After Lin Ze breathed out,Carefully turned his gaze to Lin Yun’s mother。