“Two sit in front!”The waiter immediately invited Chongmo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi respectfully。

Then Mo Jinqi and Mo Xiaosheng got up,Sat in front of Zhang Yitang and Zhang Yiting,And the brothers Zhang Yitang and Zhang Yiting had blue faces,Ugly!
At this moment, Mo Xiaosheng’s phone suddenly shook,Mo Xiaosheng took out his phone and took a look,See is a message:Mr. Mo,Be a brother,I take care of my brother!
No name,But it is a symbol of a rose!
Mo Xiaosheng’s heart shook suddenly,ecstatic,Quickly got up and glanced around,Searching for the rose from the crowd。
Mo Xiaosheng is sure it is her at this time,Must be her!
Mo Xiaosheng is very sure in his heart,Although the phone number for texting is very strange,But Mo Xiaosheng still felt the tone of Rose speaking in those short words.,And he seems to have sensed it in his heart,Rose is definitely in this hall at this time!
It’s just that the crowd in the hall is noisy at this time,Everyone is either looking for their own position or talking with each other,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t find the rose from the chaotic crowd。
After all, this hall is too big,And they are all sitting around the red curtain,The seating area behind the red curtain is Mo Xiaosheng’s blind spot,Maybe Rose is sitting there。
Although I didn’t find Rose after looking around,But Mo Xiaosheng’s heart is not panicking either,Feel very at ease,Because he knows,Since Rose tried her best to get herself here,I will never miss myself。
Don’t know why,I remembered to see the rose,Mo Xiaosheng was expecting a little in his heart,This feeling,He only had it on Qiao Yiyi and Luo Yilin,He frowned,Shaking his head to throw away such thoughts。
“Second brother,Who are you looking for?”
Mo Jinqi also stood up,Looking around,“Use me to help?”
“No need to!”
Mo Xiaosheng sat back on his shoulders。
Mo Jinqi’s very hidden Chongmo Xiaosheng gave a thumbs up,Come over and whisper:“Second brother,You are so awesome!If it wasn’t you just now,I’m ashamed!I almost lost my face with our family,My dad got it,Go back and beat me to death!”
As a family child of their level,The most important thing is naturally the reputation and dignity of yourself and your family,Just now Zhang Yitang and that bitch trampled him and the Mo family on the ground in front of everyone,It’s harder than killing him,So he is heartily grateful to Mo Xiaosheng!