“What’s wrong with you you know,Hehe。”

Murong Shan smiled secretly,Turned and walked into the hall。
Yang Shiyun stomped Qin Liang’s foot fiercely,Then turned around to chase Murong Shan。
“I have a hasty!Not so dark mine!”
Qin Liang yelled at Murongshan’s back……
At noon,Qin Liang and others returned to the secret base in the mountains,I can see my baby girl as soon as I think,Murong Shan’s eyes were red with excitement,Although it was only a few days apart,But for her,It’s as long as centuries have passed……
“Boss they are back!”
Someone started yelling loudly。
Shen Ruoxi brought Murong Xiaoyao and Shen Ruoxue who had just returned,Liu Xiaoyun ran out in surprise together,Really at the gate,I saw Qin Liang and others。
When I saw Murong Shan,Murong Xiaoyao immediately cried and flew over and plunged into Murongshan’s arms。
Shen Ruoxi’s eyes are red too,She also wanted to plunge into Qin Liang’s arms desperately,But the face of so many people,In order to keep the image of the goddess,She still endured it,Just looking at Qin Liang with his eyes unblinking。
On the contrary, Shen Ruoxue rushed into Qin Liang’s arms without any scruples.,Gave him a big hug。
“Ha ha,soy Mujer,Miss me?”
Qin Liang in front of everyone,Especially in front of Shen Ruoxi’s face,It’s not good to be too affectionate to Shen Ruoxue,So I just patted her on the back,Smiled and asked。
“Of course I do!How could I not want。”
Shen Ruoxue’s excited little face blushed,These days,When she chatted with Liu Xiaoyun,Qin Liang said the most,And she began to miss Qin Liang in her heart,Although she doesn’t know this kind of love,Is the expression of love……
Liu Xiaoyun stood silently on the side,She is a very smart girl,She knows that on such occasions,She is not suitable for expressing her feelings,So she just stood there,Smiling and watching the scene in front of you,Didn’t show any complicated mood。