In a few years,She and Shen Ruoxi are not only working partners who cooperate with each other,In many cases, it is more like a good friend who says nothing。

Only Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang got married,Chen Hao didn’t even know beforehand。
Since marriage is such a big deal,Shen Ruoxi in advance,Never mention it afterwards,Chen Hao guessed that there must be secrets that are inconvenient to talk to outsiders,So she never asked a word in front of Shen Ruoxi。
Chen Hao is very sensible,Very well-behaved girl,Although she and Shen Ruoxi are already close friends,But almost anytime,Chen Hao and Shen Ruoxi talking,Always call her the president。
Only this time,From when I saw Shen Ruoxi in a coma outside the rescue room,Chen Hao discarded the etiquette rules in the workplace,No longer caring about the relationship between her and Shen Ruoxi’s boss and employees,But called her Ruoxi。
Because she feels;What Shen Ruoxi needs now,Not an assistant to the president,But a friend who can hold each other and cry,Best friend。
Chen Hao brought Shen Ruoxi back to her home,It’s noon now,Chen Hao let Shen Ruoxi lie on the bed to rest,Cook for her by yourself。
Thinking of Qin Liang being taken away by the police,I don’t know anything now,Even if I want to ask, I don’t know where to ask,Who should I ask,Chen Hao was making troubles,But no way,She must guard Shen Ruoxi now and take care of her,So there is no way to do it again to find a way to inquire about Qin Liang。
Make a few side dishes quickly,Put the cooked porridge in a bowl,Chen Hao went to the bedroom and asked Shen Ruo to have dinner,But I saw that Shen Ruoxi was crying softly, covering her face with her hands……
“Wakayu,Did something happen between you and Qin Liang??If you can,Tell me,Maybe I can do something for you。”
Chen Hao sat down beside Shen Ruoxi,Reach out and hug her gently,Whispered to her。
“He is a liar,Is a bastard,He betrayed me……”
Shen Ruoxi has never told anyone about getting married with Qin Liang.,Because it was just a fake marriage,It is a scam designed by two people to avoid another marriage.。
And now it’s different,Because of the long time together,Know each other,Gradually forming love for each other,Has evolved into a pair of real lovers。
That’s why Shen Ruoxi now has the resentment that Qin Liang betrayed her.。
“What did he do?”
Chen Hao asked carefully,She is not a person who likes to inquire about others’ privacy,But Qin Liang is the one she loves secretly,Shen Ruoxi is her good friend again,These two people are still her boss,So she can’t just watch this little couple toss and ignore。
Especially Shen Ruoxi,Even the car accident came out,How terrible。
With Shen Ruoxi’s so strong,Want face,To respect yourself,She never wanted to tell anyone about this,But now her psychological defense has crossed,She is no longer the aloof President Shen,Now she is just a man loved by herself“betray”The little bitter woman……
She can’t wait to talk to someone about her pain and grievance,And Chen Hao,Undoubtedly the best candidate。