2019 drama summary 丨 IP suspension suspended, Changan still sees masters breaking ice for the rest of the year

2019 drama summary ? IP suspension suspended, Changan still sees masters breaking ice for the rest of the year
In 2019, the TV drama market is hovering in the cooling-off period, the number of projects is reduced, the performance of the works is generally poor, the broadcast of the works needs to pass through, and investors have been improved.But in fact, the industry “hovering in low places” is just an absolute argument of relevant stakeholders. For ordinary audiences, this is a relativistic theory that is fortunate. After all, it cools only “indiscriminate replenishment”, but it brings the spring of good works.Flow + IP = invalid?The important Tang and Tang aesthetics of “Chang’an Twelve Hours” is a classic of Ma Boyong. “Chang’an Twelve Hours” is a veritable IP adaptation, and the combination with Yi Xiqianxi allows many audiences to pre-emptively pre-cast it.It is classified as “traffic + IP = flapping street”.However, on the basis of respecting the original work, director Cao Dun has merged with the historically relevant Tang Dynasty aesthetics in terms of service, architecture, and lines, and the use of film texture lens, and the twelve hours of tiny rhythm have appeared and achieved.One of the few excellent works in this year’s costume drama.At that time, the young adult who was interpreted by Yi Xiqianxi, who was under 18 years old, and the world ‘s Jingan Secretary Cheng Li Bi, whether it was a half-text half-text line or a calm expression of emotion, broke through the shackles of the traffic artist who only played a small form of romantic drama.Two works of this year’s anniversary Yi Xian Qianxi actor symbol, one is “Youth of the Youth” and the other is “Twelve Hours of Chang’an”.Is the drama reduced to cannon fodder?After “Icebreaker” brought the summer “Ice” and “The Name of the People”, the audience has been waiting for the next main melody “Explosion”. Until two years later, “Icebreaker” will be broadcast this summer and become an explosion.As a rare criminal investigation drama in the past two years, “Icebreaker” was adapted from the real “Thunderbolt” case, which gave the drama a real realism foundation in the first place.Whether it is the male protagonist Li Fei, the venomous Lin Yaodong, or the justified Ma Yunbo, he has avoided the creation of Facebook pros and cons, and has designed a deep destiny and motivation for each character, interlocking in the case.Among them, successfully demonstrated the contradiction and complexity of human nature.Professional drama dog blood is not blood?”Full-time master” shows the panoramic view of e-sports and talks about the alternatives in the market today, but the audience avoids talking about it. It is one of the workplace scripts.The domestic workplace script is gradually becoming a dog blood romance drama in a professional coat.The anti-routine “Full Time Master” also stands out.”Full-time master” describes the male protagonist Ye Xiu’s experience falling from the e-sports altar, betrayed by his best friends, ten years after he missed the peak of e-sports, he can love e-sports again, from being a network administrator to regrouping,The spirit of disobedience will make glory never end.Ye Xiu’s enthusiasm is the incarnation of every Chinese e-sports person.In addition to Ye Xiu’s personal growth, “Full-time Master” also showed the team spirit of professional e-sports with the ups and downs of the plot, restored the scene of the e-sports game, and presented the audience with a real and passionate e-sports career.Easy to suspend in the city?”Xiao Huan Xi” witnessed the confusion of college entrance examination students, realism sings forward, and urban imitation creation has become more and more uneven.The urban elite has become the fixed person of the protagonist, with a monthly income of 10,000 yuan. Foreign countries say go away. The scenes are “plastic taste” model rooms, and the dormitory is as luxurious as a star hotel.”Xiao Huan Xi” adheres to down-to-earth realism and truly observes the inner hesitation and confusion of college entrance examination students.Unlike previous educational commemorations that simply promote “to study hard every day”, “Xiao Huan Xi” deeply discusses the reconciliation between parents and children: Parenting and Childhood are also a practice, and the college entrance examination is only a stage choice in life.It is the expectation of parents for their children’s life.A sense of humor in domestic scripts?The contrast of “Qing Yu Nian” makes people remember the most popular works this year. “Qing Yu Nian” cannot be without a name.At the moment when crying is easier to create than laughter, domestic dramas would rather take a serious line than dare to laugh at themselves.”Qing Yu Nian”, which is adapted from the popular IP, from the story line of the hero’s experience of tempering and growth, should be a heavy costume drama, but the names of the protagonists “Fan Xian”, “Fan Jian”, “Fan Siru” are homophonic andRealistic contrast, with a lovely sense of humor; “Will the girl be willing to push a total of nine with me?””Funny lines like this are popular all over the internet.As a collection of seven national first-level actors, four national drama actors, and a number of powerful young actors, each character is actually funny.As official sources commented, the most exciting thing about “Qing Yu Nian” is its contrasting charm.Excessive entertainment in costume dramas?”Chen Qingling” was incorporated into the national customs and etiquette. At the beginning of 2019, the “Limited Ancient Order” was once again very popular. Some rumors caused by excessive entertainment in some costume dramas continued to lower the number of records.Some of them are eye-catching, the standards adapted from IP, and the inferior costume scripts should be laid down in the word-of-mouth controversy.The appearance of “Chen Qingling” broke the stereotype of the costume drama.Although the play was adapted from a popular novel and starred by a group of young actors, its ingenuity is uniquely presented in the ups and downs of the plot, combining the elements of national style and traditional etiquette, such as Guqin, ancient ornaments, etc., to present the costume to the audienceDue to the beauty of traditional culture; Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji survived the crisis, and still adhered to his original heart.It is worth mentioning that “Chen Qingling” is even more hot in the domestic summer file, and it has also successfully exported overseas and caused good reactions. The last costume drama that once went inside and outside the Red Sea was the 2015 “Langya List”, “ChenThe spread of “Love Order” breaks through this year’s costume drama’s name.The play also made Xiao Zhan, starring Wei Wuxian, one of the hottest stars in 2019.The combination of celestial element is only the celestial element?”Can’t Forget the Restaurant” focuses on the cognitive impairment “star element” is a pseudo-proposition of variety show, this statement has already been verified by turns.In the past two years, many all-star variety shows have moved arbitrarily to integrate amateurs, for example, designing amateurs as “non-line” game NPCs (non-player characters), or allowing amateur guests to place only background boards when editing.But this year’s “Dark Horse” variety show “Can’t Forget the Restaurant” has succeeded in achieving an amateur perspective, resonating with the stars and the public.As the first domestic program focusing on Alzheimer’s disease, “Can’t Forget the Restaurant” focuses the camera on five elderly people with mild cognitive impairment. The star is only a perspective to replace the public, while co-operating, living and caringAlzheimer’s disease elderly real life state.In the variety dimension, the success of “Can’t Forget the Restaurant” also refutes the long-term inevitability of the success of the “Star Flow Theory” and provides an excellent sample for the future “Star Element” program.The music variety has no explosion “Summer of the Band” breaks the music intervention and rewrites “China Good Voice” “Singer” Season N due to aesthetic fatigue and various dumb fires, “Our Song” “Sing So Beautiful” and other new programs are closedThe homogenization cycle of “cover old songs”, like the music market in advance of music programs, is gradually divided by capital into the risk type of “non-explosive”.The appearance of “Summer of the Band” in 2019 broke the trend of music variety.The program directly hit the blank spot of the music variety in the “band”, invited the band to compete on the same stage, so that the new pants, admiration, Jiulian live and other bands were replaced by more people.Compared with music works, the most empathic aspect of “Summer of the Band” is that it focuses more on the experiences of band formation, creation, separation, and perseverance, completely illuminating these once shining rockers.The extinct music dream, the audience’s memory also returned to the band’s most shining golden age.The end-of-year data of the episode counts the production of Sauna Night Net / Shichunlei Sauna Night Net counts the 259 episodes (including satellite TV and video sites) broadcast in 2019. The reality is that at most 217 episodes account for most of 84%;There are only 42 pieces of costume dramas broadcast, and most of them have experienced multiple setbacks.Word-of-mouth distribution is also a “barometer” for the drama industry.In 2019, there are 64 works under 6 points, accounting for 25%. Nearly 30% of the works can not meet the expectations of the audience. Nearly half of the works are IP adaptations (43), occupying 54% of the IP works.The Queen (3.9 points) “If I Can Love This Way” (4.4 points), “All Time Knows” (5.2 points) works that have both IP and traffic actor “Explosion”, but were criticized by the audience for their plots and acting skills.IP continues to depreciate in 2020, and the original return to the market has become the general trend.There are 102 scripts with “no ratings” on Douban in 2019, accounting for 40%. Most of this year’s works were “checked out” in the audience’s memory.Among them, “The Taste of Dear Love” starring Lu Cai, Guo Caijie, “Hello Qiao An” starring Zheng Yuanchang, Yinger, etc. Although taking into account the Taiwan network, and the plot, the actors are themed topics, but in the end they are still betterChoose Zhongshi Shenhai.Another concern is that the average number of episodes in 2019 has also decreased compared to previous years.Whether it is the policy signal that the State Administration of Radio and Television previously released “maintain high pressure on issues such as water injection dramas, palace dramas, remakes, and high pay for actors”, or the series injection of water has been criticized by audiences for many times, even online.The General Administration will launch a “40 sets” “Limit Set Order”, and the market’s “drainage” is imminent.This year, “short and fast” works with less than 20 episodes accounted for 10%. Nearly 50% of the works were compressed to 20-40 episodes, and there were only 35 long plays with more than 50 episodes.72 episodes of “The Legend of Heavy Ears” with 2.6 points became the “worst word of mouth of the year” work, and 65 episodes of “Legend of the Gods” was cut directly after being broadcast to 53 episodes.The so-called “water injection”, “smelly and long” works began to lose profitable shortcuts, the hoarding of pending plays, and the audience’s choice of good content, all increased the confidence of the market to accelerate the advantages and disadvantages.(The data end time is December 20, 2019)

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