“Beijing Asset Management Association” listed soon, the first batch of 60 members

On April 5, the reporter learned from the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau that the “Beijing Asset Management Association” (hereinafter referred to as the “Assets Management Association”) initiated by the heavyweight asset management institutions such as the merged bank wealth management subsidiary has been approved to be officially listed.It is understood that the Asset Management Association is the nation’s first regional association of cross-border banks, bank wealth management, insurance asset management, securities, funds and other multi-industry asset management institutions. The first batch of 60 founding members and the scale of assets managed by member unitsTens of trillions.The person in charge of the preparation of the Asset Management Association told reporters that the founding members of the Association cover the legislative bodies of the global asset management industry, including industrial, agricultural, Chinese, construction, postal and other 11 banking wealth management subsidiaries, China Life Asset Management, China Life Insurance Asset Management, Taikang Asset Management, CITIC Securities, CICC, CITIC Construction Investment and other hundreds of domestic institutions, including Oriental Huili, Oak Capital and other well-known international institutions.Although it is not officially listed yet, the member units have conducted business docking.Liu Donghai, chairman of BOC Wealth Management, said that under the unified regulatory framework, different types of asset management institutions have different licenses at the same time, but they all need to build core competitiveness based on their own characteristics. From the perspective of established bank fund companies, they occupy a considerable amountThe establishment of market shares and the bank’s wealth management subsidiaries have brought about a further change in the market structure.Beijing ‘s integration of the advantages of the asset management institutions of the banking system and the rich main body of the asset management market will play a pivotal role in the structure of China ‘s asset management industry.In particular, in accordance with regulatory requirements, the branch ‘s asset management business should be concentrated at the headquarters, which will further gather the advantages of Beijing ‘s asset management headquarters.In addition to the financial advantage of the headquarters, Beijing also has other advantages as an asset management center.In terms of financial opening, Beijing is the only comprehensive pilot city in the country to expand its service industry. The most important component of service industry opening is the financial industry opening.During the epidemic, even if interest rates fluctuated in the global market, the attractiveness of China’s financial market was increasing.Since the opening of this round, more than 30 foreign financial institutions have landed in Beijing.In February of this year, Oaktree Capital, a world-renowned investment organization, established Oaktree (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. in Beijing. This is the first foreign investment law to be registered in China under the English name since January 1st.Financial institution.A few days ago, Goldman Sachs was approved to increase the foreign exchange holding ratio of Goldman Sachs Gaohua Securities Co., Ltd. (Goldman Sachs Gaohua) from 33% to 51%, becoming the second Beijing to increase its shareholding after Ruirui Securities to achieve foreign ownershipJoint venture securities company.On March 31, the UK’s largest life insurance company Prudential Group’s joint venture asset management company landed in Beijing. It was the first joint venture asset management company to settle in Beijing this year.For the upcoming Asset Management Association, Gao Hua Securities, Hopu Investment Chairman Fang Fenglei believes that Beijing must vigorously develop the asset management industry, changing the characteristics of the financial center will no longer be a trading center, but whether it can attract a lot of institutional investmentInvestors gather to become the center of investment decisions.In his view, Beijing has a unique advantage in developing asset management.Beijing should continue to build a policy environment friendly to high-level investment talents and an innovative business environment to attract more asset management companies to Beijing.According to the introduction of the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau, Beijing has obvious resource advantages in many aspects such as “market raising”, “asset allocation” and “technological innovation”.First of all, in terms of market raising, it is understood that Beijing ‘s asset management market has a huge depth, and the most important capital suppliers and investors in the domestic asset management industry are mostly concentrated in Beijing, including commercial banks, social security funds, insurance funds, listed companies, high net worthThe crowd, etc., also include foreign exchange reserves and sovereign funds.In fact, in terms of asset allocation, asset management business in Beijing can easily allocate assets nationwide or even globally, and can also easily participate in mergers and acquisitions of companies listed in Beijing and investments in high-tech growth companies.Beijing’s Science and Technology Innovation Board and New Third Board enterprises rank first in the country.Half of the country ‘s unicorn companies are concentrated in Beijing. In the field of venture capital and equity investment, Beijing ‘s investment cases and amounts have always accounted for about 1/3 of the country.Thirdly, in terms of technological innovation, the rise of fintech has been transformed, the integration of fintech and the asset management industry has become a megatrend, the transformation of fintech methods, the continuous improvement of the level of asset management investment management and risk control intelligence, and the ability to realize asset allocation have been further enhanced.Beijing maintains a leading position in both finance and technology.In 2018, Beijing will build the country’s first fintech demonstration zone; in 2019, it will establish the Beijing Fintech Research Institute and be the first nationwide pilot of fintech “supervision sandbox”.Not long ago, Beijing released the 2019 Financial Innovation Incentive Project, which replaces 10 projects with a reward of 5 million yuan each, including JD2 JT2 Zhiguan Youfang-Asset Management Technology Platform and other asset management industry technology application projects.Liao Li, executive dean of the Wudaokou School of Finance at Tsinghua University, said that financial technology will become the biggest core competitiveness of Beijing Construction Asset Management Center. In the current process of foreign institutions entering the Chinese market, Beijing has many innovative capabilities, many customers, and application scenarios.Guangke ‘s science and technology startups are their best partners, devoted to overcoming technological advantages and realizing the success of the latecomers, and cultivating “unicorns” in the field of asset management.Sauna, Night Net Editor Huang Xinyu Chen Li proofreading Li Ming

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