In all points of the exact location, often by what role


In all points of the exact location, often by what role

The Zhongdu point is fractured in the lower leg. When the foot is reset, the tip is 7 inches, and the center of the inner side of the bone is left and right.

Cloth saphenous nerve branches and the great saphenous vein.

Massage in the acupoints has the effect of treating irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, taking down, kidney qi, less abdominal pain, nocturnal emission, diarrhea and so on.

The following Xiaobian to introduce points are location map, exact location, massage and role in detail.

[Acupoint location]In the calf area, when the foot is re-inserted into the tip of the 7 inch, the center of the inner side of the left and right bone.

[Anatomical position]in the medial center of the bone; there is a large saphenous vein on the posterior side; the middle branch of the saphenous nerve is placed.

[Indications]hypochondriac pain, bloating, diarrhea, kidney qi, small abdominal pain, uterine bleeding, lochia is endless.

[Acupoint compatibility]with blood sea, Sanyin treatment of menorrhagia and uterine bleeding, postpartum lochia; with valley, secondary sputum, Sanyin treatment of dysmenorrhea; with spleen, Yinlingquan leucorrhea; with Zusanli, Liang QiuzhiLiver wood swelled by the soil, diarrhea; with Tai Chong rule the kidney gas; with Sanyinjiao, Yinlingquan, knee-yangguan, knee-off, Futuo, Qimen treatment of lower limb pain.

[Acupoint treatment]flat thorn 0.


8 inches; moxibustion.