Major off-season fruits that babies can’t eat

Major off-season fruits that babies can’t eat

Grapes Grapes are autumn fruits, and winter grapes are usually ripened by some illegal vendors with ripening agents.

In order to change the growth period of grapes, many fruit farmers usually mix ethylene and water in proportion and soak the unripe grapes in them. After a day or two, the green grapes will become pleasant purple grapes.

Although this ripening agent is not very toxic, it can cause great harm to the human body for a long time.

  The yellowish banana looks enough for appetite. In order to make the banana look better, vendors and fruit farmers usually use sulfur dioxide to ripen it. This kind of banana looks ripe, but it bites hard and has a little sweetness.No, not to mention nutrition.

Sulfur dioxide is a toxic substance. In addition to sulfur dioxide itself, its derivatives can also cause harm to the human respiratory system, and even cause damage to brain, liver, spleen, kidney and other organisms.

  Watermelons In winter, watermelons can be said to be “with poison”. In addition to ripening agents, fruit farmers are about to use bulking agents and highly toxic pesticides. Such watermelons have no nutrition at all, but they are also toxic.

Watermelon stripes are uneven in winter. After cutting, the bright red pomelo will often cause audio-visual, but if you take a closer look, you will find that the seeds are white and have an unspeakable odor after eating.

  Strawberries: The huge and bright strawberries are probably the child’s favorite. The bitter, sweet and sour delicious strawberries don’t grow very much.

Large strawberries are often the result of hormonal action. Bright colors do not represent a strong fruity taste, but instead have a subtle fruity taste.

If you eat too much, the effect of hormones in strawberries will affect your baby’s development, and some will cause your baby to mature prematurely.