He has been prepared before,Lin Wei’s Su Yan should be more than the color of the makeup,But didn’t expect,There is no difference between the roots!

This is really unexpected.!
Enter the kitchen,Shen Xuan first fry the Chinese cabbage,Then take flour and eggs,Add onions together,Simple post a few egg pieces,Fragrant!
soon,White porridge is also boiled,With a banner,Extracted egg pie,Simple nutrition and delicious!
“Xuan Ge’s craft is really666!”
“Good home,Give three big beauty,It’s not easy.!”http://www.fsjllt.cn
“Nice man in the new era,I really want to give Xuan Gongqi Monkey!”
“Then you don’t have the opportunity.,Xuan brother has three,Queue first!”
Live room is still very lively,All look at Shen Xuan and Lin Wei、Wu Xiuxiu、Xue Qing four people sit together,Very envious,I can’t wait to insert a feet.,Eat one piece with them。
NS79Chapter rising ten times
Just eat breakfast,Shen Xuan received the phone of the old king。
Simply said a few words,Shen Xuan hangs up the phone。
“friends,I just passed the phone by the old king.,He came this morning,Go to the local official with me,Discuss the plan to build a rural zoo!”
Shen Xuan said before the lens:“And the old king said,The problem of funds, he solves,I am responsible for finding animal and venue planning!”
I heard this,People in live broadcast also discuss。
“Xuan Ge is really going to open the zoo.,Good news。”
“Lao Wang Zhen Niu force,Can millions of start-up funds can be solved??”
“After that, we can organize people to travel there.。”
Country zoo,It is also built on the mountain,This can create a combination of farmhouses and zoo.,Thus,It will create your own feature.。
have to say,This is a good idea!
The biggest problem in the previous is funding,Now this problem is resolved by the rich second generation.,It is not a problem.。
Just find the local official support,The zoo can be dried!
“Now just just take the first step,I don’t know what attitude is the local official is.!”
Shen Xuan seeing is too fast to talk about the live broadcast.,It is comfortable。
“Certainly http://www.1iangzhi.cnno problem,Don’t use them to pay off!”
“Be right,This is good for revitalizing the rural economy,Definitely pass。”
“Xuan Ge is also a big anchor.,Apply for a zoo absolutely no problem。”
The boom in the live broadcast is very optimistic.,Focus on support,And it’s very optimistic about this。