At this timeTL,Has been selected,And a hero that may be swaying。

existTLIn the middle hero in the pool,Nothing specially needed to target heroes,SoIGNaturally, it will choose to play wild asBPTarget。
InTLHeroes in the wild,Pork girl is also a very high proficiency。
TLFourthban,Directly send Deli WenbanPool。
thisbanIt is very interesting to give it.,IGAt this time, you can determine that it is not yet.,Leave onlyADC。
Another location,Missing on the swing at any time。
so,In order not to letIGOnce again, the previous mid-termCSpecial strong lineup,TLDirectly, choose Deli Wen in Palace Qingwen.banPool,Don’t give the palace clearing opportunities。
certainly,This is also in the spring,Use Deli to kill the quarterly。
IGFifthban,Put the captainbanPool。
Which version is actually in any version,It is a popular hero in the career stadium.,I have too much time to suffer.。
This is also related to the skill mechanism after he is revised.。
And in this release,Captain’s strong,Also don’t have more,Almost allMSISingle eatingbanMost heroes。
TLFourthban,DirectbanGive Sindra。
They want toIGSwing,Simply select straight back,Put them the most taboorookieSindra is sentbanPool。
certainly,This is also a lot of teams.,In the face of this situation,The correct choice that should be made。
but,SubsequentIGFourth hand selection,It is directly all the attention on the court.,All attracted to the past。
even,Since the venue,I suddenly broke out a fierce chement.。
Without him,BecauseIGFourth choice,Lock hero isVN。
This hero,From the day of her birth,Because of its skill mechanism,And the highlights of the gods。
Have always been“show”Synonym of this word,existUziLater,This impression is exaggerated。
At this moment,Palace Qing Wen elect this hero,Plus he usually fierce,Signify。
Under the superposition,How can I make the audience in the scene are not excited??
TLFourth choice,Directly lock the horse。
existBPAfter the present,TLWild choice,I also want to find balance between the two people and the non-lost field.。
Hoe,It is one of the best choices at this time.。
TLFifth election,Direct Kannan directly。
In fact, this hero,After this version is changed,It has become a game.。
MSIinside,This hero also debuted several times,The effect is not bad。
even,theshyHave you want to use this hero。pity,In the end, I didn’t get it.。
IGFifth election,After this, I directly locked the Nims.。
The hero of Nimou is elected.,SoamedIGThis tactical style you want to sway to the end。