“Have milk is a mother,Xuan Ge gives a small yellow milk,It wouldn’t be a small yellow to be a mother.?”

“Hahaha……Xuan Ge, a big man,Actually, I was recognized by a wolf.,What is this ghost??”
The audience in the live broadcast is not a fool,Can see the maintenance of Shen Yixuan’s maintenance。
“If you want to leave, you will stay here.,I will take it well.!”
Shen Xuan looked at the beginning of the year,Take the initiative to ask。
I http://www.qlyflower.cn heard this,That a wild wolf stared at Shenxuan again。
only,This time,It’s a little fierce and murderous in your eyes.,Looking at the eyes。
“呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜 呜……”
After a long time,Chong Shen Xuan called a scorpion,Then turned around and left,Leaving this,Go directly to the mountains。
This is gone?
Shen Xuan suddenly loosened a breath!
Just just shocked him!
After all, it is a ferocious adult wild wolf.,I really want to play,Shen Xuan is not an opponent,Wild wolf’s movement is very agile,Strong force,Shen Xuan’s three-foot cat’s skill,I certainly fight。
“How did this wild wolf run??”
“I thought I had to fight three hundred rounds with Xuan Ge.!”
“Still three hundred,I am http://www.fuyajiaju.cn afraid that it is a round of victory.,You are too highweight of Xuan Ge’s fighting power.!”
The live broadcast of the live broadcast has discuss it.,certainly,Discussion,I still don’t forget to open an Shenxuan joke.。
“I suspect,This wolf is worried that you are not good.,So, leave Xiao Huang in me.!”
Shen Xuan guess。
“Xuan Ge said yes,That wolf is hurt,Very likely to fight in the tribe,Have not separated,So I didn’t take Xiao Huang.。”
At this time,Live roomidI suddenly said a sentence for the animal expert Xu.。
“Tribal fight?”
Shen Xuan heard this,Sudden eyes,Say:“Just now, the wolf should not compete in the wolf king in the wolves.,So I only hit the bumbles.?”
“It is said that,After the old wolves have died,New Wolf King is the strongest in the ethnic group,It’s really killing,The last wolf http://www.bjhyjr.cn left,Wolf king!”
Just now the wild wolf,Give Shen Xuan’s feeling is fierce,Prestige,The body is very strong,It’s really a wolf king,It is also normal。
“Good guy,The little yellow is not a wolf king.?”
“Xuan brother,This kind of cold doors know。”
“That is going to take care of Xiao Huang.,otherwise,Faced with the attack of the entire wolves!”