Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Four Ragged
But how can Huang Lei talk to them so much now,Just keep the two of them locked at this time。
This is not,Huang Lei and Tielan just finished talking here,These two guys showed up,Once Huang Lei appeared, I knew there was nothing good,These two guys must have wanted to go out,At this time it started to flicker again。
Huang Lei knows and knows very well,Know their routine,Every time Huang Lei chooses to leave,As if I didn’t see them,Anyway, nothing happened,As for how these two guys intercede,Everything is good,Has nothing to do with him。
“Brother Huang Lei,Staying at home every day is not an option,Or let us go for a walk,We haven’t been out for a long time,Let’s go out and get some fresh air,I think the air outside is very good now,Special stick,It’s also a great thing to go out and enjoy。”
“Yes,Brother Huang Lei can never be closed all day long,But this is actually not so good for us,You think,Closed at home every day,No fresh air,Even a normal person,At this time, this situation may become a fool,Should we let us go for a walk?,Let’s take a breath of fresh air。”
Song of Song、Zhang Bai’s two people sang and said in harmony,After speaking, he looked at Huang Lei with eyesight,I hope Huang Lei can let them go at this time。
But Huang Lei didn’t,From the beginning, Huang Lei didn’t intend to agree,Let these two guys say something that Huang Lei didn’t hear,Until the last two people looked at each other awkwardly,Spoke again。
“Brother Huang Lei,I have a courier in another place,I have to go,How about I apply for a one-hour holiday with you,I’ll be back after a trip?”
After that, I looked at Huang Lei eagerly again,It didn’t work at all this time,Huang Lei has no plans to let them out,In the end they have no choice,I can only turn around and leave with a bitter face。
Don’t forget to look back at Huang Lei when you leave,I hope Huang Lei can let them go,But in the end there is still no change。
As soon as the two of them walked away, the chick smiled after seeing it,He has been watching this scene these days,Think it’s fun,Every time I see Song whose surname is Song、Zhang Bai’s two came back like turtles,He thought it was fun,I even wondered why these two guys are so afraid of Huang Lei,Actually Huang Lei is not their parent in the true sense,Not their elders,Even the two of them can’t listen to Huang Lei at all。
The two of them are scared,For this,Even the chick has thought about it,Is there something different in it?,In the end she still didn’t expect more,Just think it’s fun。
Huang Lei naturally didn’t think much about this one,It seems to him that this is the case anyway,Don’t care what these two guys don’t hear,Anyway, this is the situation now,I can’t help them。