Luo Yilin’s face suddenly changed when he saw this scene,A stride rushed over and supported Mo Xiaosheng。

“Mr. Mo!”
Guan Xiaozhen’s face also changed drastically,He hurried over to help Luo Yilin help Mo Xiaosheng up,Shaking fingers,Panicked。
“Find me a stool……”
Mo Xiaosheng’s legs trembled slightly,I tried my best to stand up。
Luo Yilin hurriedly moved a chair for Mo Xiaosheng,Helped Mo Xiaosheng sit on the chair,Wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth with a towel,Concerned Road:“Or i’ll send you……”
“I’m fine……”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Not loud,But his face is firm,Continue to rub the silver needles with your hands without stopping,To ensure the constant spiritual power。
“Niche……you……Can you hold it?”
Luo Yilin bit her lip hard,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng like this,She feels distressed,Urgently hope that Mo Xiaosheng can stop。
Although she also hopes Li Qianying can wake up,But I can’t let Mo Xiaosheng take his own life.?
“Mr. Mo……I……I……”
Guan Xiaozhen saw Mo Xiaosheng like this,Moved sobbing,I know that Mo Xiaosheng is trading his life for Li Qianying’s life。
“aunt,I do not……”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t say anything,the last one“thing”The word is weak and inaudible,He had to rush Guan Xiaozhen gently and shook his head。
he knows,Although I can’t see it,But since Li Qianying’s complexion is already ruddy,,That means my method has worked,The more this time,The more he can’t stop,Otherwise, all previous efforts will be discarded。
Although he suffered internal injuries due to a huge loss of spiritual power,But it won’t hurt your life,If I stop now,Then Li Qianying will kill her。
Guan Xiaozhen’s eyes were swollen from crying,The rosary in my hand was also thrown aside,This buddha,She doesn’t have to believe it anymore,Isn’t the Buddha already sitting in front of her??
Buddha cuts meat to feed the eagle,Mo Xiaosheng trades life for life。