Many teammates heard Hu Lai say this,My eyes lit up,Shen Yulin even straightened his chest,Looking towards the head coach。

But Li Ziqiang shook his head:“Good idea,But it is difficult to achieve。If only you and Shen Yulin go up and interfere,No use。Because the opponent does not only have one or two points,They have a lot of points in the backcourt,You go from the middle to rob Marin,Marin can quickly transfer football to the side。You go from the side to rob Marin,He can pass the football to the middle。Even if you and Shen Yulin can control two shot points,Chongwen Middle School also has more points to choose from。”
“What if we press forward as a whole?”Hu Lai asked。
“Then our back is empty。The other party can use their skillful pass and cut cooperation,Quickly pass the football behind us。They must be better at this than us,And we may face disunity of thought,I didn’t grasp the timing and waited。to be honest,We did not conduct targeted training before,I want to change my style temporarily,Not easy to achieve。”
“Oh,Ok……”Hu Lai originally came up with such a topic to deal with the question of the head coach,Since the head coach denied his proposal,Then he won’t bother。
But he fell into Li Ziqiang’s eyes like this,May have been misunderstood。
Li Ziqiang thought he was a little disappointed because his proposal was not accepted,And praised and comforted him rare,For encouragement:“But you can think of this is not easy,If circumstances permit during the game,You can also try to rob Marin。”
Hu Lai nodded:“Ok,coach。”
The cheers in the stadium are like thunder,Chen Xingyi rushed towards the Jiaoqi area amidst thunderous shouts,Then a handsome slippery kneel,It made his female fans scream in the stands。
Chen Hantang jumped up from his seat for the first time,Swing both fists towards the court,Cheers loudly:“Good job,son!”
When he sat back in his seat,Xue Chaoyu, who was sitting next to him, smiled and congratulated Chen Hantang:“The hat trick in the semifinals of the national competition,It’s really a hero!Mr. Chen,You have cultivated an excellent son!”
Chen Hantang tried his best to be very humble:“Where where,He still has the ability,I did nothing,Just led him into the football goal……”
Hearing that Xue Chaoyu laughed:“Mr. Chen, don’t be humble。I am really looking forward to Chen Xingyi’s future in our Golden Arrow!”