18 health tips, idle time is not wasted


18 health tips, idle time is not wasted

Everyone knows that health is good for health, but not everyone has the time to practice well. Is there a simple move to use idle time to practice?

Here we introduce 18 healthy health tips, you can use your hands and feet to maintain your health, queue, wait for a car, rest, etc., and most of them reserve funds for health banks.

Welcome to pay attention to our private letter: Rehabilitation information, we will get the first trick of linking our 153 rehabilitation materials with the Diabetes Rehabilitation TV series: the hair is usually combed, the fingers are naturally slightly bent into claws, and the hair is gently combed from the top to the back.Do it 36 times.

Can have diabetes, high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, and improve intelligence.

The second measure: the eyes often open, eyes open slowly, left and right, up and down, far and near activities 18 times, then turn clockwise and counterclockwise each 18 times.

Retinal eye disease can improve vision.

The third measure: face bathing and two eyes lightly closed, first move the palms of the hands 24 times before and after, then massage the palms of the hands from the nose up and down to the forehead, massage separately to the temples, and then massage down to the lower jaw.Repeated bathing for 18 times, and finally the two eyes opened.

It can revitalize the skin and wrinkle beauty.

The fourth measure: the nose often uses two fingers to point on the Yingxiang point next to the nostrils, gently press 48 times.

Can discharge colds, rhinitis.

The fifth measure: the tooth often licks the upper and lower incisors 48 times, and the back licks a pair of large teeth 48 times. The strength of the sputum should not be too large, so that the sound is gentle.

Can make dental disease and improve intelligence.

The sixth measure: the tongue often turns the lips lightly closed, first put the tongue outside the teeth, and inside the lips, slowly rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, each time 9 times.

Can bite periodontitis, improve language ability and increase saliva.

The seventh trick: When you have a sore throat, you should divide it three times and use the idea to induce it to swallow slowly to the lower abdomen.

Can venous stomatitis, help food digestion and absorption.

The eighth measure: the ear often bounces the oral micro-closed, the two palms are placed on the two external auditory canals, ten fingers are placed on the back of the brain, and the fingertips are pressed against the back of the middle finger, and the brain is gently bounced 24 times.You can hear the buzzing sound.

It can cause ear disease and improve hearing.

The ninth trick: the head often raises the head slowly from front to back, and repeats 24 times.

Can cervical spondylosis, dizziness and headache.

The tenth trick: chest often rubs both palms in the dark from top to bottom and repeatedly rubs the chest 24 times.

Can have cough, heart disease, depression.

The eleventh trick: the abdomen often rubbed the palm of the hand in the center of the navel, first in the clockwise direction around the navel in a small range of rubbing 12 times, and then a large range of rubbing 12 times.

Then, in a counterclockwise direction, a large range of abdomen was rubbed 12 times, and then a small range of abdomen 12 times.

Can liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestines, pancreas, pelvic diseases.

Note: constipation should be clockwise and abdomen, diarrhea should be counterclockwise.

Twelfth trick: the waist often turns the palms of the hands gently on a pair of kidneys on the kidneys, with the fingertips facing down, slowly rotating clockwise and counterclockwise three times, so that the spine is the axis.Then turn to the vertical and right sides three times.

Can be retinal lumbar spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, kidney disease.

The thirteenth trick: Dan Changyang two eyes closed, the palms of both hands overlapped on the lower abdomen below the navel, and the thoughts were gently concentrated on the small abdomen for about 5 minutes.

Can improve the body’s strength, physical strength, intelligence, immunity, vitality.

The fourteenth trick: the anus often raises the abdomen and raises the anus when inhaling, and slowly swells the anus when exhaling, and repeats 20 times.

Can be hemorrhoids, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence.

The fifteenth trick: the shoulder often shakes the two arms from the bottom, back, up, forward, and then shakes down 20 times.

Can be 12 weeks of inflammation, upper limbs sore and numb.

The sixteenth stroke: knees often kneel and knees slightly bent, straight, up and down knees and repeated 20 times.

It can treat knee arthritis and strengthen the muscles of lower limbs.

The seventeenth trick: the legs are often elbows to the lower limbs, and the lower limbs are straightened to the upper jaws, fixed at a certain height, about 5 minutes, alternating legs.

It can atrophy the lower limb muscles and enhance the activity of the lower limbs.The eighteenth trick: with the normal two feet heel slowly picked up and then force down, repeatedly do 7?
10 times.

Can prevent a variety of chronic diseases, improve physical strength, intelligence.

Health and well-being, you insist on it, usually use idle time, save money for your health bank, and accumulate into a huge amount of health.

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