Health care needs to be eight steps every day for a healthy life.

Health care needs to be “eight steps” every day for a healthy life.

The World Health Organization believes that people’s longevity depends mainly on their lifestyle and behavior.
Here we recommend “eight steps a day”.
銆€銆€The first step is to eat three meals. “People eat food for the sky.” Whether a country or a nation is strong depends on what he eats and how to eat.
Why do Chinese people have more stomach problems, more cancers in the digestive tract, and don’t care!
Cool, hot, sour, fried, spicy, hard, overeating, the stomach as a sack.
This is the root of all diseases, the source of obesity.
銆€銆€To eat, you must do “Emperor breakfast, ministerial Chinese food, called Hanako dinner.”
To eat scientifically.
The food you eat every day is complete, the quantity is sufficient, and the proportion is appropriate.
It is best to have 1 kg of vegetables a day, 2 fruits, 3 tablespoons of clear oil (25 to 30 grams), 4 bowls of rice and noodles (250 to 400 grams), 5 high quality high protein (meat, egg, milk, fish,Bean amount), 6 grams of salt, 8 cups of water (total 1200 ml to 1800 ml).
Eat to achieve 7 points full, less than a bit, comfortable for a day.
銆€銆€The second step is normal urination. The urine is a good way to detoxify the body. You must urinate 5 to 6 times a day, which means you should urinate at least 1000 to 1500 ml per day.
To do 3 stools: timing, quantification, and stereotypes.
Regular bowel movements 1 to 2 times a day, preferably 3 minutes to solve the battle, the elderly 5 minutes to solve, from childhood to develop good bowel habits.
25 grams to 30 grams of cellulose per day, 1 gram of cellulose can produce a corresponding amount of stool through the expansion of intestinal bacteria, the food containing high cellulose is mushrooms, kelp, seaweed, potato, beans,Fruits and vegetables, if you eat high-fat diet fine materials, no slag diet, lack of cellulose, the stomach itself must be poisoned or even bowel cancer.
銆€銆€The third step is to sleep for 8 hours. Sleep is the first article of self-care.
Insufficient sleep, immune function reduced by 28%, long-term sleep can cause a variety of serious illnesses, and even sudden death.
The key to sleep is quality.
The quality is good in 3 aspects: First, fall asleep quickly.
When a young man falls down, he falls asleep. The elderly do not exceed half an hour. Second, he sleeps deeply.
Deep sleep, long time; third, naturally wake up.
Don’t worry about alarm clocks, don’t call others, wake up, have good spirits, have good memory, be quick-thinking, energetic, and have a wide appetite for breakfast, indicating that you are sleeping well.
Chinese medicine especially emphasizes that you can sleep well before going to sleep at 11:00 pm, sleep well from 11:00 pm to 3 am, and sleep well. Take a nap for 30 to 60 minutes.
銆€銆€绗洓姝ヨ繍鍔ㄥ崐灏忔椂銆€銆€杩愬姩鍐呭鍙互閲囧彇鏈€绠€鍗曘€佹渶缁忔祹銆佹渶鏈夋晥鐨勫姙娉曗€斺€旇蛋璺紝姣忓ぉ璧?000姝ワ紝瑕佸揩璧帮紝涓€鍒嗛挓瑕佽揪鍒?30姝ワ紝蹇冭烦瑕佽揪鍒?鍒嗛挓120娆★紝鎵嶈兘杈惧埌閿荤偧The purpose of the heart.
For six months, heart and lung function can be increased by 30% to 50%.
銆€銆€The fifth step laughs for 30 minutes. Many people are not sick, not old, but ill and mad.
All diseases are born in “qi”.
Be sure to be the master of emotions, learn to control your emotions, and don’t let emotions control you.
People have to laugh at life and laugh for 30 minutes every day to reach the standard.
Laughter produces a very beneficial life hormone, endorphin, which in turn produces an extremely harmful toxin. It can poison a mouse. A person who stops laughing can mean stopping life.
銆€銆€The sixth step is to say three praises to the lover. American humorist Mark Twain said: “A word of praise is equal to my 10 days of rations, and praise is an important psychological need of people.”
“Good words, three winters, warm words, hurting people in June, cold,” you have to talk, talk to your heart, and the most hurtful person is the most beloved.
70% of people’s diseases come from the family, and 50% of people’s cancer comes from the family, indicating the importance of the family.
銆€銆€The seventh step of learning for two hours Learning is the gymnastics of brain cells, insisting on learning 2 hours a day, day after day, year after year, not only accumulated a lot of knowledge, but also developed the brain.
銆€銆€The eighth step is to smoke and not drink alcohol. People who smoke for a lifetime should live 20 to 25 years less than ordinary people, smoke once and live for 11 minutes.
Drunk a white wine is equal to an acute hepatitis.
Excessive drinking can cause a large number of brain cells to die, even alcoholic dementia.