9-Ball World Championship Jin Jiaying magically reverses 9-7 to win Chen Heyun and make it to the top 16_1

9-Ball World Championship Jin Jiaying magically reversed 9-7 win over Chen Heyun and made it to the top 16
At 18 o’clock on the evening of December 14, Beijing time, the 2016 CITIC Guoan Cup World Women’s 9-Ball Championship continues to be antiques in the CITIC Guoan Emeishan Stadium in Emeishan, Sichuan.In the 32-round single defeat knockout, South Korean player Jin Jiaying staged a crazy reversal under the unfavorable situation behind 1-6. He defeated Chinese Taipei player Chen Heyun 9-7 and successfully advanced to the top 16.  Jin Jiaying was the champion of the World Women’s 9-Ball Championship in 2004 and 2006, ranking 5th in the WPA world; Chen Heyun ranked 6th in the WPA world, and won the championship at the Japan Championship in November this year.According to the rules of the game, the top 32 uses a single defeat knockout system, grabbing 9 innings and taking turns to rush.  In the first game, Jin Jiaying, who won the rushing power, cleared the game with a lead and led 1-0; but Chen Heyun was in a very good state. The second game was cleared with a stroke and was equalized 1-1; in the third game, the victorious Chen Heyun won, 2-1 lead; in the fourth game, Chen Heyun rushed to the ball without a goal, but Jin Jiaying failed to try to fill the ball, the 1st ball stopped at the mouth of the bag, Chen Heyun seized the opportunity to clear the stage, leading 3-1.In the fifth round of defensive battle, Chen Heyun scored the second goal with a jumper, successfully cracked Jin Jiaying’s defense and led 4-1.Jin Jiaying made consecutive mistakes, the cue ball fell foul in the sixth game, Chen Heyun cleared the table, 5-1 lead; in the seventh game, Jin Jiaying rushed to the ball without the ball, Chen Heyun cleared the table again, 6-1 lead!  The leading scorer Chen Heyun continued to make mistakes in the subsequent games. In the eighth inning, Chen Heyun rushed the ball smoothly, but he made a serious mistake when playing the 6th ball. Jin Jiaying seized the opportunity to score the 6th ball and the 9th ball.Ball, 2-6; Jin Jiaying rushed the ball to clear the table in the ninth inning, 3-6; Chen Heyun tried to win the 6th ball in the 10th inning, Jin Jiaying got a great chance again, and 4-6 triggered another inning; Chen HeyunIt was called a timeout, but it was still impossible to restore the defeat. In the 11th inning, Chen Heyun fouled the 3rd ball. Jin Jiaying won the game with a free kick and fell behind 5-6. In the 12th inning, Chen Heyun fouled again and Jin Jiaying cleared the free kick., 6-6; in the 13th inning, Jin Jiaying cleared the game with one stroke, 7-6 magical 6 consecutive innings!  Although Chen Heyun was tied 7-7 in the 14th inning, Jin Jiaying’s momentum was unstoppable. In the 15th inning, Chen Heyun fouled twice and Jin Jiaying seized the opportunity to lead 8-7 and get the match point.In the 16th round, Jin Jiaying played steadily, winning 9-7 and successfully advancing to the top 16.On the afternoon of December 15, Jin Jiaying will be competing for 16 into 8.  At the press conference after the game, Jin Jiaying was very happy: when I was 1-6 behind, I felt I had no chance to show it because I had no chance to take the stage.With my strength, if there is still a chance, I will perform well, I always think so.I made a few mistakes in the start and the defense was not perfect.My situation is not particularly bad, just no chance to play.If there is a chance, I will never let go.Chen Heyun made a serious mistake on the 6th ball in the eighth inning, so I think this is my chance. I will not give up. I will play slowly in one inning and try not to be distracted. I don’t pay attention to the score and the winning or losing of the game.I went up and seized the opportunity.The next game, I will be more powerful than today!

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