“Assassination Novelist” is scheduled for the first day of 2021, Lei Jiayin looks for a female killer

On January 10th, the fantasy action film “Assassination Novelist” directed by Lu Yang, produced by Ning Hao, Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi, Dong Zijian, Yu Hewei and others announced that they will be scheduled for the New Year’s Day in 2021, and the film has revealed the preview andposter.The most attractive thing in the trailer is that “Assassination Novelist” has built a brand-new world view of “two worlds” in parallel.In the real world, Lei Jiayin took the task assigned by Yang Mi in order to find his lost daughter for many years, and went to assassinate the novelist Dong Zijian.And the different world in the novel seems to be in crisis, and a war is brewing.Dong Zijian was attentive in front of the computer, and the words he had written were all coming true step by step.The running young in the woods, the mysterious red armor warrior, the flying candle dragon . “Assassination Novelist” used “Avatar” and “Rising Ape Ball” for the first time in the same paragraph of “motion capture” and “virtual shooting” technology.The different world in the trailer is full of texture and has an oriental aesthetic.Director Lu Yang spent three years preparing and shooting after directing “Embroidered Spring Sword”, and produced “Assassination Novelist” two years later, hoping that the film will bring a new Chinese fantasy experience that has never been seen before.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Wei Zhuo

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