Crescents on nails reflect good health

Crescents on nails reflect good health

Introduction: The number, size, and color of crescents on the nails can reflect a person’s health. In general, the area of the crescent is about 1/5 of the nails, and the edges are clear. When a person’s body has a disease, or the color changes,Or the crescent decreases, and when the body recovers, the crescent returns to normal.

  Healthy people’s nails: Traditional Chinese medicine points out that normal nails should be ruddy and subtle, tough and curved, smooth and shiny, and the crescents on the nails should be clear.

Healthy people must have crescents on the thumbs of their two hands, crescents on the index and middle fingers, and no crescents on the ring fingers.

It is best to have eight to ten months of teeth in both hands.

Generally speaking, the crescent of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger has a total of six crescents to be considered basic health.

  The crescent on the nail reflects the health status: 1. The crescent area of the nail of a healthy person is roughly 1/5 of the nail. If the crescent area is smaller than 1/5 of the nail, it means that the energy is insufficient and the gastrointestinal absorption is poor, indicating that the body has cold.

  2. If Crescent is larger than 1/5, it means that myocardial hypertrophy is more likely to cause diseases such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, hypertension, and stroke, indicating that there is more heat toxin on the body.

  3. If the crescent moon suddenly becomes dull, shrunk, disappears, it usually means phagocytic disease, or tumor, internal bleeding and so on.

  4. Generally, there is no crescent on the little finger. If it appears, it means that there is heat poison in the kidney.

  5. According to ancient Chinese medicine books, the thumb passes through the lungs and the index finger is connected to the heart. If the crescents of these two fingers are normal, it means that the body is moderate and there will be no health problems.

  Experts point out that the fewer crescents on the nails, the worse the energy, the worse the physique, and the weaker the immunity, which means that people are more prone to fatigue.

People who do not have a crescent may not be sick, but it is important to note that people who do not have a crescent tend to be sick if they are not sick.

In addition, only the friends with thumbs and Crescents left are paying attention, which means that your physical energy may have begun to run out, and the disease will not be far from you.

If you find that the crescent is reduced, you can add protein and black foods such as black rice and black fungus.

Try to stay strong and exercise as much as possible.

  In addition, to determine whether a person has a certain disease, other factors should be integrated and determined through various examinations and demonstrations. It is not necessary to panic as soon as the crescent changes.