There is a huge stone monument there.,Top hook silver,Engraved in three vigorous and powerful words。

Long-standing door!“Getting through the front jungle,Welcome you to Changshengmen。”
Goody and sound,Laugh,Poster the posture of the owner。
The two people look forward to the front,Jungle is not deep,The trees inside are also pruning,Give people a kind of An Yi Xianghe。
Three people go forward。
All the way,No mesh。
Soon walking through the jungle。
Just——Summer and Victoria have once again mistaken。
Not what they imagine the mysterious temple martial art。
In the field of view,Is a very fresh small village。
Pavilion,Flower grass fragrance,Small bridge water,Beautiful scenery。
Like the peach source。
Small village seems to have hundreds of people,And are all small wooden houses to build。
Far away,Just like a big hive,Most wooden houses,All kinds of vines and vegetation。
Green grass,Bright flower,Pleated in the morning golden clouds。
Victoria,I don’t believe it all.。
In the eyes of summer, it is also a flash.,Very surprising。
“Yes,How do you think that Changsheng Gate??
Will not be the same as the ancient martial art?”
Summer and Victoria simultaneously nodded。
Good sound,“We are isolated from the world,Not contact with outsiders,What do you do??
In fact, we live here.,Also eat to eat。
Let it go,Take you to my house。”
After the end,When you go forward。
Not long,I met a hoe、But the old man of the crane。
Significant sound smiles。
The old man is kind,It’s like old fairy, I will laugh.,“Wonderful voice came back。”
“Um,I am back.,Lanya, I am going home.。”
Back to Changsheng Gate,Significant sound reveals the true character,It seems to be well-behaved。