“There are three places for each faction,We wish the door had no reason to be empty。”Qin Yang replied。

“It’s my father who is afraid of my accident,Let you protect us?”Zhu Minglang smiled bitterly。
“Son,Subordinates http://www.jabakery.cn can’t afford to protect,I’m just worried that the son will not be in the capital for many years,Don’t know much about many things,I can tell you something,Avoid unnecessary trouble……For example,Those from the Young Master Gang have assembled。”Qin Yangkai said。
“This institution city is so complicated,They got together so soon??”Zhu Minglang said with some doubts。
“Just like I can easily find the son and the lady,Some of them know the secrets of this institution city。”Qin Yang said。
“Ok,In seemingly fair rules,After all, a teacher told the students about a similar topic。”Zhu Minglang shook his head helplessly。
“The son wants to kill,Must do it as soon as possible,Once their masters get together,They came to kill http://www.dlgjgf.cn us。”Qin Yang reminds Zhu Minglangdao。
Zhu Minglang firmly believes that Hao Shaocong and others will not withdraw from this competition http://www.xinfusheng666.cn early。
Because of this competition,Is their only chance to kill themselves。
If he escapes,No need to wish Minglang to do it,Tianguan Zhu will also kill Haoyong’s other heirs。
Hao Shaocong has no choice。
He is only in this competition,The group of children from the Union Emperor,Solve yourself。
“Where are they now?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“The son and the lady come with me,The layout of this organ city will change,But no surprise,Their goal should be a title deed to Dragon Valley。”Qin Yang said。