“Connected with。”Peng Changyi didn’t know what Cao Nan meant。

“Do you know that the mayor was hospitalized??”
“This one,I do not know about this!what happened?Where is he hospitalized?What disease?”
“In the Party School Hospital,The hospital where I lived two days ago,High fever。”
“When was sick?”After Peng Changyi said these words, he understood in his heart,It must be after Jiang Fan was calculated by Yuan Xiaoyan that day,He took a bath with cold water to cool down,Coupled with non-stop inspections of the disaster,I’m not sick?But I called him the next day,He shut down,When calling on the third day,He said he was in class,I didn’t tell myself to be hospitalized?Is he afraid to see him by himself?
Cao Nan said at this moment:“He got sick when he returned to the party school,Didn’t even attend class that day,Was in a coma for fifteen or six hours,If it wasn’t for Xiao Xu, tell me,I do not know either,I thought he was going back to the party school。”
“Who is with him in the hospital?”Peng Changyi asked。
“Just small,He won’t let Xiao Xu follow,And let him come back to work,Xiao Xu insisted that he stayed。”
“Ok,Brother Cao,You speak,What do you want me to do?”
Cao Nan said:“That’s not,I feel you may not know about his illness,Just want to tell you,I will go to Beijing to see him tomorrow,If you have time to come back,Let’s go together,If I don’t have time, I will go by myself,He let me go。”
Peng Changyi thought,Maybe Jiang Fan asked Cao Nan to go to the hospital,Just said:“Brother Cao,such,You go your,I can’t decide yet,I’m going alone。”
Cao Nan said:“Ok。”
After Peng Changyi closed the phone,I feel a little worried about Jiang Fan。Yin Nan sees Peng Changyi has something on his mind,I whispered to Old Gu that she got off from a video store in front。
come back to the office,Executive Deputy County Magistrate Guo Xilai knocked on the door and came in,Holding a roll of material in his hand,Said after sitting down:“Magistrate,The relief fund above is down,You see how to allocate?”
Peng Changyi is sitting in the office,Looking at the big picture of young wheat on the opposite wall,Thinking about Jiang Fan,Guo Xi came in and talked to him,He didn’t react at the time,But stared at him for a while,Just said:“Discuss with Secretary Wu first。”
Guo Xi said:“I told Secretary Wu,Secretary Wu said let our government give an opinion first。”Peng Changyi felt very unhappy after hearing this,This Guo Xilai doesn’t avoid suspicion at all,Past him, the county magistrate,Reported to Wu Youfu in advance,And also took the decree back。
He didn’t say anything immediately,Before spring starts today,Funds for poverty alleviation and planting and breeding projects allocated by the central government,On time,I remember how to use the funds,Peng Changyi has an idea,But he didn’t insist on his opinion,after all,He doesn’t know much about the use of these funds in poor counties,In his opinion, that’s how much to dial up,Just issue,Try not to intercept in the county,Don’t know,After everyone heard his opinion, no one did not laugh,Guo Xi said,No retention,Our work won’t work。original,Funds allocated above,Not many people really use it。As far as he understands,Central and provincial,Inspections are organized every year,Investigate the use of these funds specifically,If intercepted in the county,Will reflect on the book,then,Under normal circumstances,The county uses this money for poverty alleviation,Turned into concrete things for poverty alleviation,such as,Unified purchase of fruit trees、Piglet、Sheep and cattle,Sometimes pesticides、fertilizer、Seed,Sent to farmers,this year,Bought part of Zou Zijie’s waxy corn seeds。Qixiang told him later,When using these poverty alleviation funds in many areas,Most of the way,It’s natural to be pretty much the same,Same all over the country。