“I did not lie to you。Really have a suicide note。”An An’s voice is lowered,“It seems,Hua Xiangwan also lied to you.”

Baby Ou’s look unchanged,But the voice became choked,“you,you guys,All lie to me.”
Zhang Xiaojiang and others who were watching were taken aback。Even if you have seen strong winds and waves,But I have never seen a little empress with such a steady talk。
really,As expected of An Dong’s daughter。
Actually, Ou Baobao’s talent,Both learned from Ou Zhaozhao and Ai Xiaojin。
An An heard the sad voice of Ou Baobao,Somewhat proud,“A little princess in a greenhouse like you,Know what the world’s suffering is true.What have i experienced,You don’t know。How hard i can get everything,You don’t have to say a word,Naturally someone will help you,Then I have nothing.You just sit high up,There are countless people vying to please you.Why.”
Baby Ou cut off silently,Then pretend to be desperate,“You also said,I’m above,How can I be a lofty descendant like you can compare!!!You are not only the offspring of untouchables,You’re still the offspring of bad guys,There is low and dirty blood in the body,Not like me.”I want to make a vomiting face after saying。
But obviously such a baby,Very much in harmony with An An’s imagination,She actually believed,I was completely irritated by Bao Bao,“Untouchables?dirty?You just reincarnate,What are your real skills?When I train and learn every day,You can just dress up and go shopping for tea!!!”
“You envy?”Baby Ou is getting a little impatient,Speak directly,“Stop talking nonsense。You know An Shicheng is in front of me,I can record,Copy a few copies and send them to people you know before,Let them see you now,Humph.”
It’s not surprising that Ou Baobao will record,“I knew you were together。Hua Xiangwan went to see you,An and Cheng will definitely look for you too。Only Hua Xiangwan knows what happened to An Dong before his death,But she doesn’t remember,Only remember a suicide note.If you don’t believe it,You can ask Hua Xiangwan.”
Obaby paused,“I asked,She said nothing.You are different from what she said。How can I make Hua Xiangwan admit that what you say is true?Or,How can I prove that what you said is true?”
An An calmed down,“I don’t need to prove anything to you,Believe it or not。A day,If you don’t do it,I tore the suicide note.”
Torn?Baby Ou pondered,“I do not believe。You can’t prove that what you say is true,I don’t believe anything。”Hung up after talking。
An Shicheng subconsciously reached out to stop,“What if it’s true?you.”
Baby Ou sit down again,I glanced at An Shicheng,“That’s also the suicide note left by my father,What does it have to do with you?”
Zhang Xiaojiang pulls Zhang Yulin,Watching baby ou,“What do you want her to prove?Authenticity of suicide note?”
in fact,“I also wonder if she has a suicide note,Because if there is,When she was driven away,It can be taken out。Don’t wait till now。but,Since she knows about Hua Xiangwan,You might not know about the suicide note.Did Hua Xiangwan tell you anything??Is there really a suicide note??If An An said so,Even if she doesn’t have a suicide note,Then,This suicide note,It should exist too?”