3 alternative diets to help you control your appetite


3 alternative diets to help you control your appetite

For weight loss MM, controlling appetite is extremely difficult.

To control your appetite, you don’t have to control your mouth, you can use other tricks to achieve your goals.

Some foods can not only solve the problem, but also control the food and help to lose weight.

Here are a few weight-loss foods that can help you effectively control your appetite for weight loss.

銆€銆€Resisting appetite has always been a pain in the hearts of MM who are in the process of losing weight.

Every time I always said that I had not compromised after saying “I don’t eat”, I finally lifted up the “white flag.”

Now, we are preparing a basket of weight loss coups for you. From then on, your “appetite” will be your own.

銆€銆€Low-fat soup: When the trend is slimming, the “fluid food diet” is a new trend in the United States to lose weight and lose weight. The theoretical basis is that fluid foods produce a feeling of fullness more easily and more quickly than solid foods.

Experts therefore suggest that you should set aside 3 soup days a week, with a variety of low-fat soups as the main food, so that you can feel full, and will not add too much burden to your stomach.

銆€銆€However, drinking soup is also very particular about “time” and “speed”.

As the saying goes, “Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy; drink soup after meals, the more you drink, the more fat.”

Studies have shown that drinking a bowl of soup before a meal can make people absorb less than 100-190 kcal of heat.

The reason is that before the meal, the soup, the mouth and the esophagus will be lubricated, which can prevent the dry and hard food from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, which is conducive to the substitution and agitation of food, promote digestion and absorption.

More importantly, drinking soup before meals can make the stomach food close to the stomach wall and enhance the feeling of fullness, thus inhibiting the feeding center and reducing the appetite of people.

At the same time, nutritionists also pointed out that slowly drinking soup will leave extra time for the digestion and absorption of food, and when it feels full, it will be just right.

銆€銆€Mint toothpaste: The magic of “brushing teeth” is accompanied by letting diet pills, emetics, and intestines clearing the sky. It is better to correct your daily habits and change the details of life. In fact, you can easily lose weight without having to do anything.

銆€銆€As long as you brush your teeth scientifically in the morning and evening, it will become your teeth lasting health, brightening, and also effectively suppress your appetite.

Chinese medicine experts told us that the thick tongue coating on the tongue is another “waste root” where our appetite is greatly increased and we can’t stop the whole day.

Regularly eat some fat and thick taste, the tongue will thicken, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, barbecue, spicy food will also thicken the tongue.

When the tongue coating becomes thicker, saliva secretion will be reduced and the taste bud sensitivity will be reduced, so that eating more things will not feel full.

Only the taste is oily, salty, sweet enough, spicy enough, enough to stimulate the mouth to feel comfortable, and finally caused the loss of appetite.

銆€銆€In addition, mint-flavored toothpaste has the most “hunting” effect.

When you want to eat, brush your teeth with minty toothpaste. The strong smell of mint will fill your mouth and it will be very effective in suppressing appetite.

銆€銆€Dark Chocolate: Healthy Black New Fashion For many people, chocolate is a sweet temptation, eager for its unparalleled taste, but often because of the worry about the shape of the “then” alternative.

銆€銆€Researchers at the National Institute of Food and Nutrition in Rome, Italy, have found that eating dark chocolate actually increases the body’s antioxidant levels, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and helps with weight loss and beauty.

In addition, most of the trace elements contained in dark chocolate are unsaturated and do not convert into “excess meat”, and in the process of digestion and absorption, some traces and contents of the body will be burned at the same time.

Therefore, the daily intake of dark chocolate is becoming popular among urbanites who are pursuing a high quality and healthy life.

Hershey recently launched espresso dark chocolate with a cocoa content of up to 65%, which is both delicious and more effective for weight loss for the 鈥渃hocolate control鈥?that you want to slim down.