Four Steps to Graduate Career

Four Steps to Graduate Career

Everyone says that college is the best 4 years of our lives.

But as far as I am concerned, I also like the experience after college.

This is your life.

You have a comprehensive plan for what you do.

Life after college-if it means a few setbacks, a boring diet, or sleeping on a friend’s sofa for a few months, I will still say “Hello!”

“Because in a few years, this will be an enjoyable professional experience in my life.

  Question: I’m exhausted. After graduating from college, Du Ying found her first job in a small company in Changping, Beijing.

She was ecstatic over her salary.

But she soon discovered that life after graduation did not always have the rosy color placed in her graduation speech.

Dad and mom no longer pay for your living expenses.

At midnight, you can no longer expect groups of roommates to go out for supper together.

She is excellent: she has to feed herself.

  After one month, Du Ying began to feel extremely tired.

She has to make an hour’s wharf to Changping in Beijing every day, and she has to do about 40 minutes by subway and transportation before doing the shuttle bus, because she rented a house in the East Third Ring Road and stopped at Andingmen.

Many people will wonder how to work in such a remote place and rent a house in the most expensive area of Beijing?

It ‘s really a logical choice that does n’t conform to the laws of life. “Because I really do n’t want to go to such a remote place at the same time, the whole person ‘s physiology is also outdated. That ‘s not the purpose of my hard work in Beijing.After all, hope is still proud!

“Du Ying said.

  This is the reason, causing her to get up at 5 am every day, then go out at 5:30 to go back to the subway, and finally arrive at Andingmen before 6:50, because the departure from the stables to the company at 7: 00Hurry up, because it’s too early to start, I still noticed the meter at the beginning, I always felt that I was a girl after all, but I could n’t stand it after three days, and often ran out with my eyes closed next timeAlready.
Every night after work at 5:30, I have to do the same to return to the city. Generally, it is more than 7:00 when I get home. This nervous life lasts for more than a month. In this more than a month, she has lost weight.In one lap, she might be overwhelmed by the rushes on the road, and she began to have the idea of leaving.

  She still remembers her first day at work, it was a beautiful autumn day, and the sky was cloudless.

If she was in college, she would be absent from class to enjoy such an afternoon.

“It was two in the afternoon.

I’m so tired, I don’t know how long I will stay there?

Reporter’s narration: The time of the university, those proud, those happy, those beautiful, collided with the reality of feeding themselves after entering the society, intermingled with suffering and tiredness, is the polishing of dreams, persisting to the end, the original dream willGorgeous bloom!

  Change: Give up all lack of prevention, stubborn expectations. In the education we have suffered, the teacher has always told us to be honest and sincere.

In addition, the old Chinese saying is “buying and selling will not be righteous.”

This may still be true in the western world where corporate competition has reached a level of humanization, but in the current Chinese market economy, that is . nonsense!

  For example, my honesty caused the company to lose a customer and made me personally win a friend; when this friend brought me a big deal because of my honesty, I had been lost by the company owner for that businessAnd fired; so in the end I took this big deal to a new service company.

  The result of this incident was good in the end; but it was just a lucky accident.

I don’t think most people will be so lucky.

After work, if you count every day, you will start telling lies from the moment you walk into the office now in the morning. This is a tell to colleagues, to bosses, to customers, to home.If your girlfriend (boyfriend) hasn’t worked yet and isn’t staying in school to study blogs, you will make them realize that they are likely to say to you in grief “How can you say that?

Then, you may say to her (he) more indignantly: “This is just a means of communication / business needs / I would definitely not say that if you could provide me with a rice bowl .” Finally, you are most likely toDisappointed each other, the other side thinks you have changed; you think the other side is too naive, too simple, don’t understand you, and put a fire on you while you are under pressure every day; then in the end, you are likely to part ways.

  Reporter’s narration: Is this world becoming too fast, which makes us feel helpless, or that we want to survive in society, this “honesty” is our first step to maturity . Give up all the lack of total, stubborn expectationsLet’s start from reality!

  Try: Use childish uncertainty to win the certainty of success. Many people reorganize the uncertainty of college after graduation to be afraid. In fact, they can use this childish uncertainty to try boldly.

  She, a girl named Lin Lin, did not take a self-study in the countryside of a distance university course, but she defeated dozens of students from famous universities and applied for an enviable job in a well-known foreign company.One year later, she became a challenging interpreter at the same time.

  I asked her what she thought of the potential. She took a sip of coffee and smiled slightly. “I know that I am gold, but I know better to let myself shine.

“The dormitory rented by Lin Lin is very close to the famous university Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She said that she had envied students from those famous universities, and they must have many advantages to enter key universities.

Therefore, Lin Lin had an idea in his mind. He must find opportunities to learn more from them, and find opportunities for himself to be recognized in the process of learning.  Beihang has an English corner. Many students go there to practice English and have foreign teachers’ guidance.

Lin Lin’s self-study was in English subjects, and she thought at the time that this was a good opportunity to improve her spoken English.

Therefore, the dormitory was mobilized to go with her. However, it took a night to say that no one was willing to go. The reason is very simple. In the hearts of many self-students, there is a voice who does not want to admit that it really exists-We are self-students, and the ratio of students to famous schools is considered inferior.

Finally, Lin Lin went alone.

“To be honest, listening to fluent English from famous school students, my heart was excited and nervous.

I keep pumping myself up-you can do it!

To let others know your strengths, you must learn to break through inferiority.

In this way, I finally spoke the first sentence. Gradually, I entered the state, the more fluent I became, the more excited I became.

In addition, she actively taught too many questions, so that when she was separated, the foreign teacher smiled and said to her, “You are a smart girl. I can grind that you are interested in English. You are great!”
Reporter’s narrator: It is undeniable that as a self-study candidate, although holding a diploma recognized by the state, it will face more difficulties than classmates from the university. If you ca n’t even show your own advantages, others will be moreImpossible to convince you.

In this fiercely competitive society, being able to find a suitable position for ourselves requires the dual wisdom and ability, and also requires us to show our courage.

 Independence: I used my talents to pursue my dream. I was a girl in science and engineering who graduated last year. I should have worked hard now, but I put my resume on major recruitment sites just because I just quit foolishly.Work-a foreign company with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan.

But I left because my favorite boyfriend was jealous and unbalanced to me.

  I came to Beijing to find a job with him after graduation, and both wanted to work hard for the future of our door. On the day of misery, we encouraged each other to comfort each other. Although I had the opportunity to work first, but because I was afraid that when I firstWith the job, if he hasn’t found it, it will make him uncomfortable and even affect our feelings. I resolutely rejected this opportunity.

  After one month, I started to find a suitable job for myself in order to survive. Fortunately, I received a call from this foreign company.

When I told my boyfriend this excited news, he was not as excited as I was.

  One week after I successfully passed the interview, I received the phone call. My happiness made the personnel who notified me laugh. I was really excited. I thought going home for the New Year would give my parents complete peace of mind. AllEverything went well.

This is how I feel of course, but my boyfriend is getting more and more unhappy. He started to focus on cracking down on me, arguing with me, and venting my emotions about finding a job to me. What’s more,He actually came to my company’s stairs after the interview and waited for me. All kinds of actions just entered the company and I became more and more tired. He would call the company from time to time to ask me and ask me what I was doing. He would often send text messages to bother meI work, as long as a text message is not returned in time, he doesn’t care what you were doing right away and a phone call asks you, I really ca n’t think of the common affliction, and optimistically comforted my boyfriend when I was in distress, it will work well for youAfter tormenting myself like this.

He started to say that he would let me resign every day. I enlightened him and told him that the job was hard-won. These were not useful to him who was almost crazy. In the end, he said, “If I do n’t quit, I will go to the company every day to make trouble.”Let me recognize that I have to leave him, and I cannot keep this job.

  So I resigned.

This is me, a girl who has just graduated for a year now is suffering and present.

Although I have been encouraging myself to look for the next lucky thing, how can there be so many opportunities left to me?

  Reporter’s narrator: I have always thought that two people in love should be happy for each other’s happiness, and distressed for each other’s distress, just like our parents.

But don’t overlook that people are selfish.

Independent, confident girls don’t need a “selfish and stingy” boyfriend to hinder your pursuit of your dreams!

  After editing: Maybe you just entered the university biology, maybe you will enter the society at the end of the year, maybe you read the experience of these seniors and sisters in the society for the first time, it doesn’t matter, you feel far away from yourself, or you feel reasonable,Improved and inspired . But how many of you can really remember or practice?

The road is still on your own. I hope that you in the ivory tower can be responsible to yourself, to your parents, and create a life prospect you can satisfy!