Female masturbation will cause sexual indifference


Female masturbation will cause sexual indifference


Female masturbation is sexually abnormal?

銆€銆€Many years ago, female masturbation has been regarded as sexually abnormal, and even many doctors have once again entered the serious consequences of masturbation, such as rickets, physical weakness and infertility.

However, through the development of society and the advancement of medicine, people have a correct understanding of female masturbation: female masturbation does not harm the health of the body. This is not only a healthy and normal way of sexual behavior, but also makes people relieve tension and is normal.The best alternatives and additions to sex life.


Women’s premarital masturbation will result in a cold after marriage?

銆€銆€This argument is unfounded.

Today’s sexologists agree that female masturbation is the process by which they know and become familiar with their body, so that they can better understand where their body is most sensitive, how they need to be stimulated, and what happens later, which is beneficial to sexual physiology and sexual psychology.

In this regard, sexologists have not been surprised to find that women who masturbate before marriage have a climax disorder after marriage, and women who have not masturbated before marriage are three times more likely to have sex than those who masturbate before marriage.


Masturbation can damage the hymen?

銆€銆€Hymen damage, especially the tearing of the hymen, usually causes pain and bleeding, and the sensible girl does not care about her own itch for self-entertainment?

Therefore, sometimes masturbation may cause the hymen to suffer certain traction damage, but the phenomenon of hymen rupture due to masturbation is rare.


Masturbation will speed up the development of adolescent girls and increase breasts and chest?

銆€銆€Adolescent girls in the process of sexual development, increased, subcutaneously increased and increased pubic bulge, chest enlargement, as well as the growth of pubic hair and thickening of the labia, are all female sexual characteristics.

The emergence of these female accessory sexual characteristics is mainly the result of the growth and action of sex hormones in the body, especially estrogen.

Specific to a person, genetic factors also play an important role.

The acquired behavior includes female masturbation behavior, and the impact on the appearance and development of these sub-characteristics is minimal.

Therefore, masturbation does not cause premature enlargement of the breast and chest.


Is a woman masturbating after marriage enough for her husband to be cold?

銆€銆€In fact, female masturbation itself is a kind of sexual behavior in other ways such as sexual intercourse. Sometimes it is not to replace other sexual behaviors, and it is not a substitute for other sexual behaviors.

It is like masturbation is a salad, and the sex life of the lover is a steak, no matter which person eats the salad, it will not affect the taste of his steak.

The fact is that sexual masturbation may have a positive impact on the life of the couple.

銆€銆€American sexologists have observed 100 women aged 30-32 who have masturbation after marriage. These women often masturbate and often reach a strong orgasm, but they are equally strong in their spouses.Sexual interests, in the sex life of their lover, more than 90% of the chance to reach orgasm, while other women only have a 30% chance of reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.


Only women with a reasonable cultural level and a lack of positive attitude towards life are more keen on masturbation?

銆€銆€In the survey on the incidence of female masturbation, women who have shown high levels of knowledge, 鈥渨hite-collar鈥?women, are more common than those with higher levels of education and 鈥渂lue-collar鈥?women.

According to a foreign survey, the incidence of masturbation in the former is above 60%, and only 34%.

The reason may be that the former has the opportunity to access more sexual information and adopt a more open attitude towards sex.


Men like to watch a woman masturbating?

銆€銆€Not exactly like this.

Perhaps, when a man finds his partner to masturbate, he will be surprised, and his wife’s masturbation will also make him very excited, but in the future, they will quietly walk away and talk to themselves.Think: “Yes, she will do very well. I have nothing to do here, I will leave!”


Masturbation can develop into homosexuality, they are only one step away?

銆€銆€Masturbation and homosexuality are touched and caressed by sexual organs or other sensitive parts of the body, but the occurrence of homosexuality has its own special reasons, that is, partly due to genetic factors, and part of it is the environmental impact of childhood, especially with homosexuals.Caused by secret contacts.
Therefore, as long as you don’t casually “smell” with the same sex, and do not have physical contact with them, you will not lose your direction of love.
銆€銆€Data on masturbation As early as 50 years ago, the US Golden Race survey showed that 92% of men and 62% of women had at least one masturbation in their lifetime.

銆€銆€The results of the budget survey in the 1970s were similar to those in the Golden Race. The survey of 982 adult men and 1044 adult women showed that 94% of men and 63% of women had masturbation.

銆€銆€Another survey of 435 college students showed that 89% of boys and 61% of girls had masturbation.

At the same time, the survey data showed that female masturbation has a higher incidence: a survey of 100,000 women shows that 82% of women have masturbation behavior.

銆€銆€There is also information recently that the incidence of masturbation in both adults, male and female, is above 90%.

A recent domestic survey also showed that more than 60% of women admitted to masturbation.