And the Huangzhong is hanging at the door of the stone temple.,The Human Crime Ren is nine times,Stopped,Symbolizing the number of ninetytes。

Human Huangtai stationed at the figure of Fei Xian Penguan Director,Tony is proud of the look,Unmustted。
At this time, the figure came in.。
These people are the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce Tao Yao Yao,Sun Litian,White,Golden big snake,Tiger king, etc.,Huangquan is the night cold,Jun speechless,Tight is Tang family,Lesson Mountain,Tongz,Fairy,Dragon,Sheah,Guo Jia,Li Jia and others。
These people have moved to the stone temple.。
The stone temple is quiet。
Just at this time, a figures fall from the sky.,This body hand holds Xuanyuan sword,Terrible swords have disappeared,His figure is directly above the That That,With the emperor, there is still a woman in white clothes。
The woman in the moon white clothes is glance on the night cold and Ton Yin Yao.,Horn with a bruise。
Night cold and Tang Yao Yao did not see the same white clothes women。
Month white clothes women are gloomy。
The hazy figure suddenly glanced at the moon white clothes.,Double shabu is destroyed,Suddenly let the white clothes women are like a tremble.。
“Humph!”Month white clothes woman standing around the body。
The airflow on the body,Royal,Body with an angry atmosphere,With a temperament overlooking the ministers,The scorpion glances on the whole stone temple。
“I don’t know what to hold the meeting today?”Just at this time, the dragon created.。
Although everyone is very clear, everyone is very clear.,But this venue has to take a walk.。
Must have someone to sing this game。
“Amitabha,Also please inform。”The master of the tutor gave a high-spirited Buddha left and smiled.。
“Amitabha,Also please inform。”The hollow master also gave a high-spirited Buddha left and smiled and asked.。
“Also please inform。”Tang Bai fire does not have a whit expression,His figure has also walked up。
As for the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and Huangquan at all, didn’t speak。
Musk is full of people,His voice is magnificent:“Seven continental four oceans,Dragon Snake,Huaxia crisis,Huaxia needs a piece of iron plate,Can still spend the difficulties,This seat wants to lead you this crisis,I don’t know how it is?”
“I agree!”Long Chuang Shiwen Lang Lang Loud:“Zhang brother holding Xuanyuan sword,And Xuanyuanjian is the ancient emperor,Zhang brother is enough to take this heavy responsibility。”
“I also agree!”Beltian is also laughing。
“Amitabha,Since this,Xiaogui also agrees。”The master of reading also laughed:“Zhang brother repair is deeply unspeakable。”
“Amitabha,Xiaogui also agrees。”The hollow master also laughs。
“Since you agree,I also agree。”Tang no trace face ruthless road:“Congratulations to the Lord。”
“it is good,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and Huangquan?”The hazy figure suddenly swept the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and Huangquan。
“All members of the Chamber of Commerce,At present, current China,Not enough。”Tony Yalang。
“This is also my opinion of my Huangquan.。”The night is cold and faintly glanced at this hazy figure。
Tell this,Many people have seen the gods,Especially Li Siki is acknowledged,Look at the people who look at the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and Huangquan。
“Does Huangquan and Qinglong Chamber of Commerce not to abandon the country??Now that all the great powers of Huaxia agree to join,Why do you disagree??Do you have any stunning heart??”Li Si Tian went out to cold and drink。
NS935chapter Game
“What is the relationship with you??You are just the overseas small country.,Huaxia’s internal turn does not come to you to interfere。”Looking at Li Shuidian, cold, cold and cold:“Speed roll back to Nanyang,Less the face of your ancestors。”