He is laughing。

But Di Fu is immediately。
Watching first is confused。
But next second,Pupil suddenly concrete。
Gone,Stood up。The face is full of superficial,“You,You are……Big devil……”
Speech,Immediately stacking a smile,Nothing between the words,“Really……Is the big devil。”
Canbia,All year round,Various forces。
Rise,And disappearing forces happened every moment。
Especially this place,I have a little potential forces.,Exist,I am only afraid of the lead and the church.。
This truth understands http://www.bfehttp://www.cn many people understand,But this world will never lack a wild home。
Certainty,Not lack of smart people。
Di Fu is obviously the latter。
When the summer came to Campia,,I have seen each other。
And I have also received several tasks of the other party。
At that time, I feel that this guy is a smart person.,I even want to pull the other side to go with myself.。
But the other party refused。
I didn’t expect in summer.,A few years,This guy is still alive。
“Di Fu,You know him!”
House is cold。
Di Fu did not speak,Resting summer。
Summer smiled nodded,“Old Di Fu,I didn’t expect you to live alive.,I will ask you for a while.。”
Mean,Going to the House,Hague corner brings together,“Who am I??Don’t you want to kill me?……Do you say who I am?!”
House,Turn it backwards,Switch to http://www.arrow-oil.cn teeth,“You,You are the Chinese people!You,You actually……Actually……”
The rest of them is facing each other.。
They are both curious about summer identity,And amazed at HOS’s reaction。
They are all the forces of the past two years,I haven’t heard of the name of the big devil.。
Several people who want to be familiar with Difu,Whispering。
Di Fu hesitated,Looked at the summer,Still with very low sound,Taoist real identity。
When they hear these two words,A large change in the face。
Stand all from the seat,Looking at the summer with a complex look。
They are helping the gang,【Zero zero reading00k】How can I not clear the weight of the tyrant?。
Shocked,It is also a kind of mercy to see House。
This guy is only afraid that you don’t know the summer identity.。
Otherwise,He doesn’t http://www.shenghuizhipin.cn dare to be so horizontally。