One has spent 30 years in Mengshi,The son of a family who was also given the surname Meng is receiving guests。Look at his tone,action,Just like a housekeeper who is used to doing these things。

But no one noticed,There is a light flashing in the eyes of the old housekeeper。
“Meng Ju,You recognize the thief as a teacher,Since I took refuge in Saito,Don’t blame me for not talking about the friendship back then!”
And on a hill less than fifteen miles north of Ruoqicheng,An old Taoist is preaching to believers。
As a world where there is real practice,This wait‘Tao’The status of a noble person is naturally really noble–Although Qingyu Lao Dao is only one‘Brother Zifu’Nothing more。
The old way of preaching to believers,Half-open and half-closed eyes,Two inches of light shoot out。
“Finally caught up,Put this door【Eclipse】Spell practiced。”
“Meng Ju,You are really the shame of the five forces,Let me Qinglingzi use this magic to end your path of cultivation。
Chapter 22 Assassinate
quickly,Ten days passed in a flash。
“It’s time?”In the city,Li Ming’s disguised old man opened his eyes,Thoughtful。
Nowadays。。。It is the day when the City Lord’s Mansion is ready to openly recruit geniuses。
As early as a few days ago,There is a ring in the city,For some geniuses。
When to determine the truly outstanding,Will be cultivated by the City Lord’s Mansion—In fact, it was recruited by Saito。
genius,Also a resource!
Choose such a day to assassinate Ruoqi City Lord,Not just to kill a possible Yuanshen Taoist in advance,It is to reduce a large number of potential geniuses to move closer to Saito。
Li Ming’s body moves,As if turned into a dust,It’s so unnoticeable that it appeared closest to the city lord mansion,It’s also the biggest ring。