Li Qianhui was embarrassed when he heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words,I don’t know how to answer the conversation。

“Brother Li,Forgive me for not agreeing to you this time,I am Mo Xiaosheng,Even starved to death,It’s impossible to be with such people!If you want to cooperate with them,I can only quit,The shares you give,My original number returned,No cents!Think about it yourself!“
Mo Xiaosheng’s voice fell。Shake hands,Turned and walked outside。
Yueren Wang Wenyan’s eyes lit up,There is a feeling of admiration for Mo Xiaosheng again in my heart!
What is Vigor,This is the strength of style!
In this world can enter the eyes of his Yueren Wang,In his heart, he can really afford a man,Very few,Before,Only God of War Dugu Fengyun alone,And today,There’s another Mo Xiaosheng!
Can follow such a person in this life,Even if the liver and brain are smeared,He has no regrets!
A strange smile appeared on his face, who has never been able to smile.。Follow Mo Xiaosheng and walk out。
First0652The chapter is exactly the same
Li Qianhui hurriedly yelled a few times,Chased out,But Mo Xiaosheng and Yue Renwang went too fast,When he chased out, they had already got off the elevator。
“Mr. Mo,thank you!“
Out of the office building,Yuerenwang suddenly said to Mo Xiaosheng in a low voice of thanks。