“If you are added,Then I think this movie can’t be bad!”Zhu Mei’s stern way,“Even if investors are not satisfied,With Aunt Mei’s connections for so many years,Can always find someone to invest!And you guys won’t be paid high,most300Ten thousand can be done,The pay is lower than Cao Nihui and Buyiyi alone!”

“I think about it!”She thinks so clearly,Shen Huan can’t say that she was impulsive now。
“Xiaohuan,You also know。”Zhu Mei continues to let him go,“《Youthful》That play,Now ready to shoot,Aunt Mei wants to use《love letter》Compare with them,Let them see what is really good movie。So you have to start shooting recently!Besides you9Shouldn’t you go to school in January?We hurry up,You can boot in a few days。”
“So fast?”Shen Huan frowned。
“Actually, I have already visited several places in the past few days。”At this time Ding Lun took out a bunch of photos,“It is7month,Not much snow。But in the mountainous town north of Shuchuan,But two of them are snowing……You look,Beautiful or not?”
Shen Huan took the photo,There are not only pictures of mountains and forests,There are also pictures of small town wooden houses,It does seem to have a peaceful beauty。
At least the artistic conception is enough。
Although it is not as modern as the original version,But think about it carefully,This modern thing,Actually《love letter》Not much inside,Most of the means of transportation are bicycles。
“Xiaohuan,You give Aunt Mei a month!”Zhu Meidao,“You don’t actually have many plays,Hurry up,15More than enough days。And based on your talent and the degree of fit in this drama,May not take two weeks。”
“Yes,The makeup artist basically doesn’t take much effort to apply makeup。”Shi Liyou laughed,“Your age,Youth invincible!”
Looking forward to them,What can Shen Huan say??
“it is good!”
He finally answered such a word。
First44chapter The reluctant little queen
Back home,Shen Huan felt that she was a little fooled。
A few people flicked,I changed my mind and agreed to play the male Fang Shu。