They talked and laughed softly,Throwing cigarette butts everywhere,Unscrupulous and acquainted girls making some low-level jokes,The wretched laughter is endless。

They don’t seem to take the fight that will happen soon,Probably they think this is no different from the fights they usually have.,It’s just that the scene is bigger this time,And in the past,Who dare to stand in front of them,Still have a good end,So these people are still chattering。
I even think the next fight,But just like playing,They will still be as usual,Stepping on someone’s head,Watching others cry,Beg grandpa call grandma!
they do not know,Not far from them,More than 30 cars have already parked separately on the side of the road,The people inside are watching their every move closely。
About half an hour later,Hu Niu’er showed up with some of the most powerful men,The scattered boys immediately gathered to her。
Hu Niu is still very satisfied,Under her schedule,There are nearly a hundred people here today,She feels that such strength can deal with that“Qin Ge”There should be no problems。
“She appeared,Boss。”
Yang Zhi said to Qin Liang in the main driver’s seat。
“Catch his head,Chaos its followers。”
Qin Liang simply said,Then opened the door,Got out of the car。
Subsequently,The doors of dozens of cars parked on the side of the road opened almost simultaneously,Dozens of burly men got out of the car,Xiang Hu Niu came over。
“Big sister,They are coming。”
Actually, I don’t need to remind my younger brother,Hu Niu saw this group of people who looked forward to her。
“Nima……Why are they all in their 20s and 30s?!”
Hu Niu’s heart froze,She always thought that the other party was about the same age as herself,Suddenly felt a little bad,But look at the brother behind me,Calm down again。
Qin Liang walked straight to Hu Niu’er,Yang Zhi is behind him,Xiao Huahan and a dozen other specially selected kung fu masters。