Complain,Guan Hao expected it,Cut so many people’s money,Can you guarantee financial resources without digging your head??Even if the big picture is set,Some people will be unwilling。in fact,Guan Hao has noticed this phenomenon long ago,For example, the current government network has such posts appearing,To this end, the municipal party committee set up a temporary agency——Network office,Ding Hai temporarily serves as the director of this office。

She stretched out her little hand,Stroking his chin,Speak lowly:“Dear,You will be fine?”
“will not,Do not you worry,This is working。I was so worried about you,After you leave the airport,Don’t move anywhere,Someone will pick you up。Bring a mobile phone charger,Remember to call anytime。The vice president of that hospital is the child of my old comrade-in-arms,We are world friends,Grew up together,His name is Zhang Zhen,A few years older than me,I’ll give you his phone number later,If you have any problems, just go to him。Lili……”
Guan Hao said,Give her a kiss,Suddenly said:“Will you be here tonight?”
She nodded。
With two days and two nights together in Wuwai home,Xia Jihan’s tension has been eliminated a lot,I blush even after hearing his ambiguous words,Has made great progress。
“So good,I’ll get bath water,A stinky sweat。”
Guan Hao put her under the big sofa,Ran upstairs,Soon I came down with two sets of bathrobes。
He pulled her up and said:“This bathrobe can be worn,Definitely inappropriate,You wear it as an evening dress,Come,We go to change clothes。”
Meet his eager gaze,Xia Jihan nodded,I couldn’t help but blush again。
Guan Hao held her affectionately,Say:“Lili,You know how much I want to go to Shanghai with you,Look at your parents。”
“Ok。”She still nods,What he said is true,He had said before that he wanted to see her parents,But then she couldn’t promise him。This may be Aiwu and Wu。
“tomorrow,After arriving in Shanghai,Must remember to report my safety。correct……”He suddenly remembered something,Let go of her,Turn around and take out a card from the purse,Said:“There are tens of thousands of dollars here,Should be enough for this visit。This is UnionPay card,in Shanghai,Whether it’s shopping or checking out at the hospital,You just enter the password,Automatic checkout,Especially easy,It doesn’t matter if you lose it,I remember the account,You only need to prepare a little pocket money,This is the password,You better memorize it,Put away if you can’t memorize it,Call me if you forget。”
She shook her head repeatedly,Keep talking:“No need no need,I have money,I will go to the bank to apply for a card tomorrow morning。”