“Yep,Yes indeed,Ruoxue。Sister’s mind is on work now,Making a baby,I’ll talk about it later,Don’t worry。”Shen Ruoxi immediately followed Qin Liang’s words,Explain to Shen Ruoxue。

“Oh,So this is ah。”Shen Ruoxue finally did not intend to continue discussing this topic,Shen Ruoxi secretly breathed a sigh of relief,If we continue to discuss this issue,Isn’t that shameful。
“correct,sister。Brother-in-law is okay with you。”Shen Ruoxue said again,“If Brother-in-law dared to bully you,You remember to tell me,Let me teach him severely。”
Shen Ruoxi sipped Shen Ruoxue,Said:“Damn,Ruoxue,I got it。Qin Liang is fine。”
Qin Liang has already cooked the food at this time,Came out of the kitchen,Shen Ruoxi quickly asked Shen Ruoxue to help,Shen Ruoxue,Shen Ruoxi was completely relieved in her heart,If you ask Ruoxue to ask like this,It’s hard to guarantee that she won’t let her see what’s wrong。
Qin Liang’s dinner,Although simple,But it tastes great,Eating so much,Satisfied lying on the sofa。
After an hour or two of rest,Shen Ruoxi’s feet don’t hurt so much anymore,Under the support of Shen Ruoxue,Took a hot bath,Washed away today’s bad luck。
Shen Ruoxi feels a little tired, feeling refreshed,Want to rest early,Qin Liang walked to her,Said:“Ruoxi, let me hold you up to the second floor to rest。”
“what,This……My feet are much better,If Xuexue helped me up, it would be fine。”Shen Ruoxi heard Qin Liang want to hug her,I thought of learning to wear a thin yukata,This doesn’t seem very good,She quickly refused。
Qin Liang heard that Shen Ruoxi refused,I feel a little disappointed,There is no advantage,Secondly, I was really disappointed。
“Ruoxue,You help me upstairs to rest,Qin Liang, rest early, too。Today you are tired too。”Shen Ruoxi lowered her head,Dare not look at Qin Liang,Whispered。
Qin Liang sighed,Should go to:“Yep。it is good。”Turn around to take clothes,Go take a comfortable hot bath。
Shen Ruoxue looked at Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi,Thought of:“No way,I have to test Qin Liang tonight,Are you sincere to my sister?。”Shen Ruoxue’s eyes rolled around,I thought of a plan。
“Took a hot water,Much more comfortable。”Qin Liang took a hot bath in the bathroom,I feel more comfortable all over。
Qin Liang walked to the living room,Seeing Shen Ruoxue in white translucent pajamas watching TV,Shen Ruoxue’s graceful figure,White skin,Looming,Qin Liang’s mouth is a little dry,I really want to lift Shen Ruoxue’s pajamas,Appreciate。
He looked up at the clock on the wall,It’s already ten o’clock in the evening。
This sister-in-law,Dressed so temptingly,It’s so late and still awake,What do you want。