“This one……Doctor Yang,Did my check result come out??”He tentatively asked。

Yang Hua nodded,But still nothing。
“The result is not so good?”Zhang Qinghuan hesitated and asked。
Maybe it will be reimbursed for the season, right??Just like Brother Lin……He feels a little sorry,Not reconciled,Finally, I played well in the game,As a result, this season was reimbursed。I don’t know if Xu brother can find a suitable Chinese Super League team to accept him.……
I hope that assist can help Brother Xu prove to others,I’m Zhang Qinghuan still that genius……
“This one,Zhang Qinghuan,Before I tell you about the injury,I hope you can stay calm and patient,Listen to me all……”Yang Hua said in a low tone。
The expression on Zhang Qinghuan’s face also became serious。
“Juaner,Did that Zhang Qinghuan bully you??”In the nurse station in the middle of the corridor,Because Sun Juan just came out of Zhang Qinghuan’s ward,Keep blushing,Some unwilling,Attracted the attention of other nurses。
Sun Juan shook her head quickly,Ponytail flicked:“No no……He just said thank you……”
“Then why are you like this?”
“Let me tell you,Don’t be fooled by that person’s appearance,He’s a scumbag!”
“Just,It is said that he changes his girlfriend a week……”