More than 70 people have been replaced in the National Football Top 40, and a large-scale inspection has become the focus of Dubai training

The training of 8 Chinese Super League teams in the same place provided convenience for Li Tie to inspect the players.The new phase of the national sports team started in March 5th in Dubai, preparing for the two top 40 matches in late March.It is understood that the Air Force of the Chinese Football Association reported to the AFC’s top 40 tournament list reached more than 70 people, a large-scale inspection of the international team will be one of the focus of this training session. According to the schedule of the World Top 40, the national football team will face Maldives and Guam on March 26 and 31.Affected by the epidemic, the two games will be held in Buriram, Thailand, and the preliminary training for the national football team will be held in Dubai. It is understood that in consideration of the possibility that the national football coach Li Tie may continue to expand the scope of the inspection during the training, the Chinese Football Association tactics reported to the AFC large list of more than 63 people, and since then added more than 10 players.At present, there are more than 70 people in the national football top 40 in the AFC, and this includes many 1997-year-old Olympic players. It is reported that there are about 30 internationals selected for the training list in advance, but the specific personnel may change constantly during the training process.Since he was training in Dubai with eight Chinese Super League teams, this provided Li Tie with conditions to inspect the players.It has been determined that the clubs training in Dubai have Shenhua, Shanghai, Evergrande, Guoan, etc. These big international players will provide guarantee for Li Tie’s extensive inspection.Sauna, Night Net Editor Xu Xiaofan Wang Xihuang Proofreading He Yan

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