5 kinds of people are most likely to have cold hands and feet in winter

5 kinds of people are most likely to have cold hands and feet in winter

Why are some people particularly prone to cold hands and feet in winter?

Cold hands and feet are due to insufficient blood vessels in the extremities, which may be because the blood vessels in the extremities are relatively thin and it is difficult to supply redundant blood.

The reasons may vary due to differences in personal constitution.

These five kinds of people are particularly prone to cold hands and feet in winter!

  The first category: too thin and thin, women with debilitating constitution are most likely to have cold hands and feet, because this type of people has poor peripheral blood circulation, and it is easy to disturb the body temperature regulation mechanism. The cold hands and feet is the autonomic nerveFunctional regulation is not smooth, caused by thinning blood vessels.

In addition, the toenails, toes, phalanges, and fingers belong to the joint area of the moving part, because the blood vessels are relatively serious and the heat is easily lost.

  The second category: low blood sugar or low blood pressure food is an important source of change in the body. If you lose weight too much, starve too much, and make blood sugar too low, you will have cold hands and feet.

When the blood pressure is low, the blood circulation will be poor, and when the body is weak, the blood pressure will fall easily, and the hands and feet will become cold.

  The third type: Excessive pressure. Because of tight work pressure or pressure of time, both hands and feet will be cold and trembling. As long as this tense period passes, warmth will slowly be restored.

  The fourth category: clothing is not warm enough. If the hands and feet are cold, it means that the average temperature of the body is a problem. If you have worn more clothes, but your hands and feet have not returned warm, you should pay attention.

Because of the “cool spots” of the thermosensory receptors on the surface of many human bodies, it is too slow to recognize the cold.

  Fifth type: cold or long-term expectations. Some people who need to work in the air-conditioned room in the wild or in the air-conditioned room for a long time, because their bodies are often at low temperature, blood circulation is not smooth, and their hands and feet are cold.

People need to drink more and eat warm food.

  Winter hands and feet are cold, if you do not pay attention to protection, it is particularly prone to frostbite, itching and pain, it is really very uncomfortable.

What to do if hands and feet are cold in winter?

Whenever you go to bed with warm water at night, eat ginger, cinnamon and other Tongyang foods.

You can also try Chinese medicine diet conditioning.