When you see the condition,Boarding is stunned。

【Finish《Daily practice》10Second-rate】
【Current number(110)】
Fourteenth chapter· Riddle people rolling!
so it is,It turns out that the daily practice on the notice bar is the task.。
Daily practice,I have to practice ten days.。
Yesterday, it was already completed.。
There is also a task condition.。
【Task condition:——】
A string is dragged a long string behind it.。
It’s just like a riddle person.,Let people can’t help but want to scream, roll out the brother Tan,Tokyo City。
It is after completing the conditions of the task.,The task condition can be displayed?
Still http://www.jsdongshang.cn triggering other events?
Either,This condition can only be purely guess.?
Kohuan wants to think,Clock。
Can’t think of。
Or just concert today’s arrangement.。
Today already5moon4Number,Japanese green festival,Youth Day of the motherland。
The holiday is also two days later.,Suddenly I felt that time is really fast。
Although he has already lifted his student identity in his heart,But still retain some inertia ideas,I always feel that I have to return to school.。
The trouble of the body is more,And the relationship between school,Cheap room rental,And subsequent reports on Saito。
Daily three-wire entanglement。
Can’t help but make people miss the pride when I went to Blackfang a few days ago.,Take clothes first,Rearwell,Then make a knot with Qingdao Deer,Take a holy grawrower between the last night。
I hope this is the same。
“Regardless of,Let’s go to do a test and press it.。”Science,According to the office。
“The classmate came again today.。”
The Songning Court is poured in the flower pot at the door of the apartment.,Although it is just a fortune,But watching temperament is like a hostess。
“Come to make a title to explain。”Corona is again standing on the signboard《Daily practice》forward。
Today’s chess game has changed,Get a layout topic,The black and white two sides only walked flatly30Multi-hand,This topic is not his strength。
It is estimated that a few tricks in Sahas learn.,The probability is mainly based on layout and acceptance.,This is the best teaching in Go.,Also the most convenient。
Careful,It’s really two tricks。
“Please speed up the progress,After all, the question is only15minute。”Songning Court。
“People in the people,Is it all in accordance with this time limit??”
“of course,Whenever someone is standing in front of notice,I will steal it here.,If you want to record the chess bureau,Snoving chess in the room,It is considered as a dislocation failure。”
“This is really harsh,Does this topic have http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn someone to solve every day??”
“This will not,How much time doesn’t stay here?,Most people just have a hurry,Only some people will stay patiently,Such as Hisangjing Guangde。”