This is also the Song Kaiyuan why choose this side to laundering money.,For immediate photo。

If you use something else to wash out of seven or eight billion,More than ten billions,It’s really too slow.。
For example, a movie can be washed,But I want to wash out too much money in one time.,All aspects of eyes are watching,That way, all your money will be investigated.,Distress,Soon will be dangerous。
Financial non-leaking,This is still very reasonable.。
soon,Song Kaiyuan also took Li Hui Feng and Lu Changsheng came to an underground casino.,Go directly to the boss of the casino。
This time, Song Kaiyuan is a weapon.。
“What kind of wind actually blows Song Dynasty,Really a thin,Rare!”
Huang Zhengqing saw the land of Song Kaiyuan and Li Hui,I also secretly be vigilant in my heart.。
What is the other party, he is a clear。
It is really good to mix in Haibei.,But I can only say it is good.,After all, I have not mixed the true core.。
But want to mix the core,There is no bit to go in.,It will also be thrown away as can be used as a gray.。
“Haha yellow boss,This time, it’s a wealthy style to blow me.。”
Make a fortune?
I heard Song Kaiyuan so saying,Huang Zhengqing immediately understood the other party’s meaning.,This is to send money to the door.,I don’t know how much money.。
soon,The three people have come to the other living room with Huang Zhengqing.。
The luxurious luxury of living room decoration,Even the cups used in the Tang Dynasty.。
This kind of scene makes Li Hui’s feelings.。
Originally he thought that he had money.,But compared to these people,He seems to be a poor song。
At the same time, I also understand why Su Liang will be so urgent to go public.,Empress continues to make money,Make big money。
Because the other party has already seen the world,He just saw the outside of the mountain village。
The two people are different,World view is different,I think that things will naturally have a deviation.。
“Song boss,This time, how big is it to buy and sell??
Is it a cooperation or unilateral?,I will hide you.?”
Chapter 1144 Huang Zhengqing
“Hey-hey,Yellow boss,Since I have come,If you swallow, it is too hard.,And this time,The amount is a big。”
“The most critical is the first cooperation,So the first is particularly important,If the cooperation is successful, then there will be more cooperation.,So I personally come to the insurance.。”
From the beginning to the final Song Kaiyuan did not reveal half a useful message。
Huang Zhengqing made people bubble a pot of good Bikchun,Then give three people。
Gently open mouth:“Song boss,Don’t sell Guan Chi,Since I come to find me.,That’s what,What is it?!I can’t know anything, I will work with you.,Right?”
“The trick is not a day and two days.,Who is it?,Everyone is my heart.,So Song Big,You just say it directly.,I can cooperate, I will nod.,Cannot cooperate,Let’s continue to be friends.!”
Huang Zhengqing said it is very good.,However, Song Kaiyuan is a matter of understanding each other.。
Even behind the knife, the other party can do it.。
But compared to other casinos,Huang Zhengqing is another existence that makes him feel reliable.。
Because he is not the first time with the other party.,Cooperation a few times a few times。
So this time this amount huge wealth is also the first time to find each other.。
“Yellow boss,I don’t want you to tell you.,This time belongs to a black goods,But the value conservative is estimated to be around over 12 billion,Since we cooperate, you will be a billion,And Golden mains stay eight billion,how do you feel?”