“You don’t know,I am only interested in women,But you arranged a male bodyguard for me,Didn’t you toss me on purpose?”

The lord of the Jin family who heard this,Anger:“What toss about?
I am for your safety,and also,Go to Jianghu City,Less trouble for me。”
“Got it,I promise I won’t cause you trouble。”
cut!Someone arranged for me to arrange Jianghu City,The first beauty Zhuo Sihan let me enjoy,I’m still in trouble?
Unless my head is flooded。
Chapter 204 Sihan
And when the young master of the Jin family set off,Miran also came to Ahui BBQ。
Follow the brother Li behind Mirang,As soon as I came to the barbecue shop,Smell so fragrant,Looks like this apprentice can really do it,Bring yourself to have a big meal first,Take revenge。
Patted Miran on the shoulder,Open road:“Not bad,Pretty good at doing it,Do you know your master, I like to eat barbecue,Take me to the barbecue first。”
Eat BBQ?”
Miran who heard this,Dumbfounded for an instant。
I obviously brought you to kill Lin Yu,You thought I was bringing you to a barbecue?
“Yes indeed?”
“Didn’t you bring me to a barbecue?”
Brother Li who heard this asked。
“Is not。”
“The one who hurt me,Right here for barbecue。”