“415Where is it?”

“Golden Shield Hotel。”
“it is good,Go and watch it near the fourth floor now,Never go in,If you want to go in,The mayor is even more confused,Don’t let the surname Yuan see you,Understand?If they want to take the mayor away, you just follow,Contact me anytime,In addition,Set the phone to vibrate。”
“Ok,Ok。”She kept nodding her head,Tears splashed down drop by drop。
Ding Yi hung up the phone,Come out of the bathroom,Ran up the stairs again,She ran to the fourth floor,But didn’t dare to go up,I can only stand downstairs and look up。She roughly judged415Location of the room,Heart throbbing throbbing,Sweat shed。
Time passed by,415Nothing came from the room,She poked her head out again and looked up,In the corridor,Only soft light,Nothing at all。
Her heart tightened,She didn’t know what happened inside,Don’t know what they did to him?No way,She is going in,Going in!
but,Section Chief’s words rang in my ears:You can’t go in,You can’t tell if you go in the mayor!
How to do?Is it just like this,Watch them take him……in case,What if Yuan Xiaoyan reports Jiang Fan’s prostitution at this time?Then Jiang Fan would be completely finished!
Her back,I was soaked in cold sweat,Tears and sweat are also on my face。No way,She can’t wait,Can’t wait like this,if that is true,Jiang Fan is over,Will be completely ruined,tomorrow,The discipline inspection committee will double-regulate Jiang Fan,The newspaper will report on Jiang Fan’s arrest,Gosh,No way,No way……
Ding Yi wiped his tears,She gave it up,Go upstairs,She is going to save her lover……
Just two steps up,The phone in my hand vibrated,She knew it was the section chief,Connected immediately。
“listen,Someone has gone,Is plain clothes,Called Chen Le,You have to stare at the room,Keep an eye on everyone who comes in and out。Is there any movement over there??”
Ding Yi whispered:“No——”She choked each other,Very quiet,Like a mosquito……
Peng Changyi’s heart moved,Asked:“Is anyone in?”
“Do you know which room Yuan Xiaoyan is in??”
“do not know。Section Chief,I still want to go in,If the surnamed Yuan reports the situation to the Anti-Pornography Office,What if the police arrive?”
Peng Changyi said:“do not worry,If she reports to the police,Reported long ago,I won’t send a sneak shot,also,Even if the police receive a report,It won’t be so soon,Because that is Wang Jiadong’s hotel,The police dare not come to him to arrest people casually,The surname Yuan knows better than anyone,Don’t worry about this。”