Key Card scored 18 points in the final quarter of the line, Rivers Xiti career 900 wins

“Key Card” scored 18 points in the final quarter of the line, Rivers Xiti career 900 wins
Since Leonard joined the Clippers, the controversy surrounding the finals MVP has been uninterrupted. Recently, Leonard’s rotation has once again become the focus of attention.Since the first half of 2017, Leonard has never played back-to-back games, and this “convention” has continued into this season.In the last round against the Bucks led by Adetokounmpo, Leonard was absent, the Clippers eventually lost the game, and the western rankings further increased.Rivers scored his 900th victory in his coaching career.Due to Leonard ‘s rotation, the Clippers were also fined by the league for coach Rivers ‘remarks. The NBA official issued a statement saying that Leonard ‘s decision contradicted the Clippers’ rotation. Leonard ‘s left knee patellar tendonThere have always been injuries, and it is reasonable for the Clippers to arrange for him not to play back-to-back games.However, Rivers said in an interview that Leonard is healthy, Rivers comment has nothing to do with the actual situation, so the Clippers fined $ 50,000.However, after this storm, Leonard came back in today’s game against the Trail Blazers and played a key performance. He played 33 minutes, scored 27 points, 13 rebounds, 4 assists, including a single quarter in the fourth quarterHe scored 18 points and 6 rebounds.Leonard opened the popular mode in the fourth quarter.Thanks to the victory of the game, the Clippers’ record came to 5 wins and 3 losses, ranking fifth in the West, the Lakers, Lone Ranger, Nuggets and Suns before the bite.Swan coached 900 regular season wins and became the 13th coach in NBA history to achieve this achievement. He shared this honor with such famous coaches as Nelson, Popovich, Sloan, and Riley.Rivers started the coaching career from 1999 to 2000 season, coaching the Magic, Celtics and Clippers, especially in the seven seasons coaching the Clippers.4%.Rivers said in an interview after the game, “My entire coaching career has always had excellent players, a good coaching team, and excellent people to help me. Without the help of noble people, I can’t cause anything.”Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreads Wei Zhuo

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