[How to cook crab_What should crab do]

[How to cook crab_What should crab do]

Crab is a very delicious ingredient. In modern life, people are accustomed to eating crabs in the autumn and winter seasons, because the crabs in this season are rich in meat and very delicious.

Among them, boiled crabs are most popular.

This method can completely cook crabs, kill parasites, etc. Let’s see how to cook crabs below.

Those who like it can learn about it.

How should crabs be cooked?

Buy the hairy crab, don’t wash it first, put it in a covered container, pour a small bowl of white wine with a height, and immediately cover the pot.


During this period, first make a dipping sauce: chopped ginger; pour in vinegar; steamed fish stew oil; stir sugar.


After the hairy crabs get drunk, scrub them for later use.


Put water in the pot, do not exceed half the crab, half on, you can add onion ginger; star anise; pepper, a pound of crab add 150 ml rice wine, 20 grams of salt.


After putting in hairy crabs, boil over high heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Related to the size of hairy crabs.

Hairy crabs are better than steamed ones: 1. They taste cleaner: boiled crabs can wash the crab body once more, which is cleaner. Although the steam temperature is high, the crab body cannot be washed.

2. The meat is tenderer to eat: The temperature of steam is higher than that of boiled water, and it is still suspended, which is more likely to cause dehydration of hairy crabs and the crab meat will easily grow old.

3, it may taste: steamed crab is not conducive to taste, the perfect match for hairy crab is rice wine, there seems to be no controversy.

However, steamed crabs cannot make rice wine directly into the hairy crabs, and boiled crabs can.

Add a lot of rice wine in the water for cooking crabs. Put one pound of crabs in 150 milliliters of rice wine, and then enlarge the amount of salt. Put one pound of crabs in 20 grams of salt.The hairy crabs penetrate into the hairy crabs.