Usage teach you two kinds of scraping plates scraping plates

Usage plate, scraping plates scraping is necessary to prepare the props, I believe many people have some knowledge of the scraping plates, but do not know how to use, then what's the use of scraping plates together and night network to see scraping plates We introduce the usage of!1 Use scraping plates, wooden fish stone scraping plates, wooden fish stone scraping plates is one of the best so far today scraping plates, its effect is very obvious scraping, scraping swept the major institutions beauty。2, may be selected as the material naturally buffalo, non-toxic chemical irritation and adverse effects on the human body muscle table。
And buffalo itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, has a divergence Qi, promoting blood circulation to support and dampening effect。Further, prior to scraping, in order to prevent the cut, but also in the skin surface coated with a lubricant, oil, salad oil can be used。
Of course, conditional, it is preferable to use a special "scraping activating blood circulation."。
It is a natural vegetable oil processing using ten kinds of natural medicine, the modern technology in conjunction with traditional methods of extraction processing of scraping oil, with detoxification, blood circulation, open vent pores, meridians, detoxification evil, anti-inflammatory pain and other effects。Scrapping plate can not be used indiscriminately, it is time to use, be sure to take into account the angle, strength, speed, and direction, because of its direct effect of these four factors have a great relationship。
1, the use of the angle refers to an angle scraping plates scraping the skin plate is formed。When scraping plates perpendicular to the skin, skin irritation strongest, most easily scraped fever, relatively easy to produce the sensation of pain: when the skin scraping plate angle of less than 90 ° for wiping, it is not perpendicular to the skin scraping that susceptible fever, pain such as not more vertical scraping。In general, the holding angle of 60 ° can。2, the intensity。