Experimental base "enclosure hot" Behind the autopilot far away from us

  According to him, the Guangzhou Automobile Group is preparing to build unmanned vehicle demonstration bases intelligent network linking Guangdong northern Guangdong is planning the construction of unmanned experimental base "or it will become the country's first unmanned experimental base"。
  And more eager to introduce road test regulations, the domestic auto pilot "Spring Wind", "unmanned base may be settled in northern Guangdong, indicates that China's local governments are more concerned about the field of automated driving, we are actively seeking such projects。
"Writer independent automotive industry analysts pointed out that the division bell, the autopilot is an irreversible trend, 'so it would be great concern over the government and the auto companies'。   In his view, the development of touch technology policy support for automated driving。
Following the June 2016, China's first "National Intelligent Network of Automotive (Shanghai) pilot demonstration areas" closed test area officially opened operations, "the pilot demonstration area" have sprung up all over。
  December 2017, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission released the first "Beijing guidance on accelerating the autonomous vehicle road tests related to work (Trial)" and "Beijing automatic driving vehicle road test management implementation details (Trial)", the test the main test vehicle, testers, application process, monitoring agencies and other detailed provisions。   In March this year, the Shanghai issued the "intelligent network linking Shanghai Automotive road test management approach (Trial)", the Jiading District of Shanghai safe, low-risk levels of kilometers of roads designated as the first stage of the intelligent network linking car open test roads and issue the first batch of domestic intelligence network linking the open road test car number plate。
  Shortly thereafter, Chongqing enacted after Beijing, Shanghai, and the third related to the introduction of autopilot drive test regulations of the city, "Chongqing autopilot road test management implementation details (Trial)", a。
According to the reporter, cities, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, also "eager" have accelerated the autopilot legislative process。   "Autopilot technology earlier, many colleges and universities, research institutions have invested in this field in China's development started, is also stepping up research related technical part car prices。
"National Passenger Car Market Information Co-Secretary-General Choi Dong-tree that the building with auto pilot demonstration area around the intelligent network is a good sign," with the maturity of Internet technology, auto companies and local governments will also increase investment in the future , China's autopilot technology will enter a rapid development stage。 "Parts suppliers play a key role in the field of basic research needs to catch up despite local governments, research institutions and auto companies are on autopilot invested enormous enthusiasm, but in terms of technology, automated driving is still limited in most applications enclosed area。 In basic research, China, Europe and the United States and other developed countries there is still a wide gap。   Currently, Bosch, Continental, Faurecia and other internationally renowned automotive supplier study of automated driving technology has very deep。
In the autopilot four core technology sectors – 'perception, planning, decision making, control, "Bosch has established a strong technical reserves; Continental also released a highly flexible computing platform for massive data processing autopilot system ; Faurecia is committed to developing the "future cockpit" capable of human-computer interaction。
  "Whether it is in terms of hardware or software autopilot, these parts production giants are doing enough homework。
"Zhong Shi said, for various reasons, our country has not a parts supplier can be compared。
  In China, Baidu has been playing the role of "leader" in the autopilot software technology。 This declared that he would "allinAI" Internet business in mid-2017 launched in April autopilot platform – Baidu Apollo program。 According to Baidu president and COO Lu Qi introduction, the program provides partners with the automotive industry and the field of automated driving an open, complete and secure software platform, "to help them combine vehicles and hardware systems, quickly build a set of their own complete autopilot system. "。   Up to now, Baidu Apollo program has recruited more than 70 industry partners, including Ford, Daimler and other international auto giants, and Wei to car, car and home, cars and other Weimaraner Chinese electric car start-ups。   However, it seems Zhong Shi, China in order to truly master the technology autopilot, just by Baidu, a company is clearly not enough。
"I suggested that the domestic auto companies while cooperation with international parts supplier Bosch, Continental, etc., while accelerating the pace of independent research, aimed at bridging the gap。
At the same time, the domestic auto pilot test each field can also give auto companies, parts suppliers MORE information and data, creating a virtuous cycle, enhance the core autopilot research competitiveness of China。
"Serious accident sounded the alarm, the autopilot should not be anxious in the development of many traditional automakers and technology giants Xinxinbaopeng even wait to claim that 'within a few years will commercialize autopilot landing' of the moment, one of the most feared thing happened。   When the morning local time on March 19, an Uber autonomous vehicles tested in Arizona, hit a passer caused his death。
Subsequently, the uber emergency suspended the automatic pilot test project in other US cities。 At the same time, a number of listed companies bet on autopilot fell。 Reuters noted that this was the first autonomous vehicles since the people killed in the cases, which may affect the technology promotion programs in various countries。
  "Application autopilot technology can not pursue speed。
"Zhong Shi pointed out, the autopilot development for financial and technical requirements are very high in our country, the automatic driving technology development should pay attention to 'appropriate'。 "If the autopilot is too far behind the development of the core technology has been mastered the words of others, in the future will become very passive。 But if too far ahead, and facilities related policies is not perfect, can not master the technology practice, can only become a piece of paper talk。 "The method according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the automatic driving skills are usually divided into five levels, which is the highest level L5, namely 'the full realization of unmanned'。   "At present, the major car companies and parts manufacturers to master the basic techniques in L2 and L3 both levels, a common feature of these techniques is 'low threshold, a wider application, practical', and therefore better for commercial farming。 "Zhong Shi believes that once the autopilot research into the L4 or L5 stage, not only the need to strengthen related infrastructure construction, improve relevant laws and regulations must also be。
"Autopilot technology will really change the human way to travel, and therefore need a step to climb to a higher level, was not to be anxious for success。
"Although creating various 'pilot demonstration area' craze has begun to appear, but the automatic driving technology development is clearly not a 'circle a piece of land development and test' so simple。 If we really want to promote autopilot technology, the need to improve related policies and regulations, as well as roads and other related facilities need to build, even the ordinary people also need to accept new things grace period。
  "Our subsidy is not very strong in the field of autonomous driving technology, is still dominated by promoting commercial and marketization。 "Choi Dong-tree that in recent years the successful experience of China's development of new energy vehicles that the next automatic driving technology development must rely on the support of the entire social system。
"Automobile companies should be after the completion of electrification of the breakthrough, automated and motorized combination of research and development, so that the autopilot technology to complete the upgrade on the basis of the gradient of the electric car。
"China Youth Daily, China Youth Online · trainee reporter Zhang Zhen Qi。