What autumn soup diet drink fall

What to drink soup Autumn Autumn is the harvest season, I believe many people are very fond of, because the weather is not cold nor hot is just right, then fall drink soup and small series together to see what kind of soup introduce autumn drink it!Autumn drink soup (a) go down as autumn dryness – figs figs lean meat soup meat soup has to go down as Qiuzao role, we must not miss the autumn, following up learning figs lean meat soup approach raw materials: thin meat, figs, South almonds, medlar, candied ingredients: salt, ginger 1, the lean meat washed, cut into thick butyrate, the figs and almonds wash, wash wolfberry, ginger slices standby。
2, Guo Lifang water boil, add color to boiled meat, remove and clean crema。 3, lean meat, figs, dates and almonds north and south into the pot, add the right amount of water, the fire to boil, then simmer for two hours。
4, add wolfberry and continue to cook for ten minutes, then season with salt。 Fig lean meat soup Tips autumn drink soup 1 soup boiled over again lean meat, it can make more sweet soup。 2, wolfberry and finally into the soup to boil, cook if too early, easily boiled off (two) to the dry autumn Stomach – lotus pig stomach soup Ingredients: Pork bellies, lotus seeds, ginkgo。