Chicken skin care steps to teach you raise a good skin

What maintenance steps chicken skin goose bumps is a similar type of skin horny skin more prone to suffering friends, this skin is very distressing skin not only looks very rough, feels also very uncomfortable。 So in the end how the chicken skin care to bring it following small chicken skin care step for everyone, teach you raise a good skin!Chicken skin care step 1, may wish to eat more foods rich?Foods such as oranges and other citrus ,,,。 Vitamins?You can make the skin to reduce hyperpigmentation, loss of pigment calm parts of the chicken skin, diminish or even remove the skin dark spots and freckles, to accelerate the reduction of skin whitening。 At the same time should not be too strong or excessive drinking coffee, otherwise the skin is also prone to black。
2, changing hair week keratosis better topical cosmetic method, tomato juice delicate shiny skin elasticity increase。 Tomato juice facial skin pores coarser people, you can use a tablespoon of tomato juice and two tablespoons of orange juice and mix thoroughly coated in the face, about 30 minutes through the water to wash away, adhere to a few days can close the pores。
Facial cosmetic impact sunburn, 4 tablespoons of tomato juice can be used with 2 tablespoons tomato sauce mix thoroughly, coated onto sunburn, washed off with water for 30 minutes。 A few days, it can get rid of sunburn。
3, chicken skin because of a lack of vitamin A cause of carrot juice contains carotene and vitamins can stimulate the skin metabolism, increase blood circulation, so that ruddy complexion, beauty has a unique effect on skin health。
Fresh carrots Ji Zhi, sooner or later depicting 10?30 ml facial, until dry and then coated with vegetable juice hand gently tapping the face, and has a wrinkle efficacy freckles。
The chicken skin care step to drink a glass of carrot juice daily, more preferably it may be added carrot juice and mix thoroughly, applied to the face before going to bed, washed with water and the next morning。 With regular use to prevent wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity。 Excessive intake of acidic foods, will increase the acidity of the blood, which leads to acidosis。
Normal bowel movements: Because stool toxin causes the body too much, can a lot of fiber in your diet, such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, citrus……Wait。 4, timely decompression, free into the open air, to nature, holiday travel abroad or do some little exercise every day, such as table tennis, etc.。 Through the above conditioning to believe that whether in the body or the skin will have healthier, more beautiful!But try to tie in with the following methods, keeping carefree mood, attitude and appearance at the same time so that both the United States, two-pronged approach to achieve the most important。
How to remove the chicken skin。