Top Five Ways to help dry skin how do you pay

Dry skin how to do after entering the fall and winter weather gets dry, and moisturize at this time when it has become the focus of the conservation of the skin。
Then the situation skin water shortage in the end how to do it the following small series to tell us something about dry skin in the end how to do。
Five ways to help you pay!Dry skin how to do 1, water to drink 6-8 cups of water, milk, drinks not every day, do not wait until thirsty to drink water, if thirsty, it means your body has a very dry。 2, adequate sleep quality of sleep a day is better than what can not, be sure to Mei Mei's sleep, the water of the skin will。
Do not think boil a night, all right, come back after sleeping on it, do not hold this idea, otherwise your skin will not be good to go there 3 mask mask replenishment is definitely the most convenient and fastest way to choose their own mask, every day adhere to pay, so you will look water of tender skin。
4, moisturizing cream, whether to do good, do not lock the water useless, like a bottle, more water, if you do not cover caps, even if no amount of water will evaporate, is that cream bottle, do not because I think too much oil do not want to use that oil is water lock。
5 how to do dry skin, dry skin, sprayed in the spray skin, can effectively relieve dry skin, you may be able to remain on the skin, take a minute after the remaining water with a cotton pad Sassafras out, or dry skin more serious。
The basic pay method, every morning after cleansing, basic skin care to do the work, in this process at least three moisturizing products to be used, for example, toner, moisturizer, moisturizer and eye cream recommendation here CE Poria Whitening series, herbal vitamins, which will help absorb skin deep。
The replenishment work from early morning to start。
2, drinking enough water is also a daily basis practice skin replenishment of the day drinking at least 8 glasses of water, out of the house to drink plenty of water to replenish energy。
3, when you are in the room, remember to reduce the outdoor temperature, room temperature is not too low, and try to be controlled at around 24 degrees Celsius。
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